Squash Match Sunday-14

• 3 matches will be spotlighted every Sunday morning based on their nostalgic qualities, their in-ring performances, their campiness, and their performers’ contributions to today’s wrestling world.
• Not EVERY match will be a squash, but it’s always nice to see the fan favorite totally dominate.
• Main event of Squash Match Sunday will normally have a title on the line, and will ALWAYS be a quality wrestling match.

…Let’s get to the action!


Our Early Bird Special better not REALLY be a bird, or the CAT is gonna get it! Ernest “The Cat” Miller finds times between cutting promos to take on Bam Bam Bigelow at WCW Thunder in 2000.



Our Mid Card Hangover of the morning takes us to TNA’s Against All Odds 2006 as Christian Cage challenges Jeff Jarrett for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Most fans in the Impact Wrestling Zone on that eventful night remember this match as “that fake wrestling show we went to while waiting for the line for the Back to the Future ride to die down”.


Things to keep an eye/ear out for:

• This match had quite the build-up back in ’06, what with Christian Cage being a pretty big “free agent” signing. Why then does Larry Zbyszko look like he’s dressed up for singles night at the local VFW?
• How great would it be if referees getting knocked out was a common occurrence in other sports? Might actually be an improvement in the NFL.
• Dear Lord does this goofy ass ring take away from the fairly good NWA title match were watching! And don’t get me started on green lasers focused on the TNA logo taking the focus away from the celebration after the match.


YOUR Main Event of the Morning takes us to the 2002 WWE Survivor Series, where the World Heavyweight champ HHH takes on Booker T, Chris Jericho, Kane, Shawn Michaels, and Rob Van Dam in the first Elimination Chamber match in WWE history. The vignettes leading up to this match kept reminding the viewers that Eric Bischoff created this cage. I totally believe it, what with all the creative matches that came out of WCW.


Your main event worthy commentary of the afternoon:

• How awkward must it have been for HBK and Kane to just stand in a see-thru cylinder just standing and watching these four other guys beat the holy hell out of each other.
• Speaking of HBK, I wonder if he asked for the “Jenny McCarthy” when he got his hair cut for this match.
• That ain’t no candy glass these guys are flying through. And who the hell makes candy glass! What a horrible invention!
• Seriously though, what a perfect mix of superstars to have in this Elimination Chamber. You have the company guys (HHH and HBK), the technical wrestler (Y2J), the two big men (Booker and Kane), and the high-flyer (RVD). Well done, 2002!

Well that about does it from my end, enjoy your Sunday afternoon!

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