The Takeover Continues!

Hey Brady, I may have said we wouldn’t shut your site down again and we would leave you alone but like I said… we aren’t done yet.

You see, you people would have just enjoyed what I described as the GREATEST show we have ever done!! and of course we are well on our way to winning all of the Who’s Slammies we are nominated for.

Speaking of awards, Brady stole that idea from me before I had the chance to announce my own awards. What’s Wrong With Wrestling will have our very own prestigious first annual award show 3 or 4 weeks from now.

The categories are:
– “Who?” of the year.
– “……Really?!” of the year.
– Star of the year.
– Guest of the year.
– Show of the year.
– Feud of the year
– We hate _______ award.

Not all nominations for each award are complete but you can already vote for guest of the year. Nominees are: Brady Hicks (aka. The Source), Tommy Fierro’s podcast return, Brian Solomon’s yet to be aired podcast return, David Herro promoting GLCW & Pro Wrestling Report, Andre Harrison’s podcast debut or Mr Akbaz (What’s Wrong With Wrestling’s first and only caller so far).

Other nominations for other awards will be posted in the coming days. Until then, it’s bedtime so im out of here.

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