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01.09.12 – The Sound of 1,000,000 Remotes Clicking

Join the most charismatic individuals on the planet*, Kevin and Young John, as they spiral through a fun-filled and fact-sparse edition of the web’s 147th most popular “Bowling Shoe” titled podcast. This week, our hosts focus on Chris Jericho’s extended Marcel Marceau impression and what it means to mimes everywhere…er, professional wrestling. Will WWE abuse this deceased equine like it has so many others, and, most importantly, will fans actually sit patiently while they are being trolled by their favorite programming? In addition, K & YJ talk about the staying power of Johnny Ace, Michael Cole, and other pseudoVinces. Plus, music from Ascetic Parade, Red & Orange, and a PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED track from Third Year Freshman. Click below to check it out!

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*Opinion subject to taste

10 Responses to Bowling Shoe Handsome – The Sound of 1,000,000 Remotes Clicking

  1. Avatar Young John
    Young John says:
  2. Avatar Kevin McElvaney
    Kevin McElvaney says:

    To wit, I just turned off Raw.

  3. Avatar Mike
    Mike says:

    I am starting a new service called “Mike’s Bargain-Basement Wrestling-Themed Podcast Transcriptions.” Here’s a sample:

    Kevin: We’re generally talking about how much awkward is too, too, too much awkward…how much…uh…how much…Well, pretty much that: awkward.

    Young John: Yeah, you just kind of explained that right there, Kev.

    • Avatar Kevin McElvaney
      Kevin McElvaney says:

      You have a good sense of irony. However, we aren’t a show put out by a billion dollar corporation.

    • Avatar Young John
      Young John says:

      Ha, nice. And good call, SnookiMuncher! I’d throw in my 1979 Pulitzer from my story on the Iranian Revolution if you could tackle an entire episode of Akbaz’s show.

      • Avatar SnookiMuncher
        SnookiMuncher says:

        LOL … thanks Young John. However, do I have to capture the hi-tech sound board effects? Getting such lovely sounds transcribed is like asking me to transcribe “La Fille du Regiment” (i.e. one cannot transcribe the perfect mix of beauty and art). It may be beyond my means but perhaps Mike is up to it. He’s the one with the million-dollar idea.

  4. Avatar SnookiMuncher
    SnookiMuncher says:

    Hey Mike. Great idea. However your service cannot be complete without transcribing the caviar of, Saturday Night Akbaz. Transcribe that puppy will get a Pulitzer prize.

  5. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    enough with the jibber jabber buy a tshirt or fuckoff