This week, a very special WWE Royal Rumble preview IN THE ROOM, as Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Brady Hicks, plus DJ and Derrick McDonald break down this Sunday’s big pay-per-view. Who will win the Punk-Ziggler match? And who will take home the big 30-man Royal Rumble prize?! The gang’s answers may surprise you. Thanks, as always, for the support, and be sure to listen on WEXP 160o AM in Philadelphia, plus on

3 Responses to IN THE ROOM

  1. Avatar Mrs Slocombe's Pussy
    Mrs Slocombe's Pussy says:

    Ever thought of putting Mike Bessler as the 3rd man as you should of in the 1st place withstanding another silly Brady angle/compo. The guy is connected to the wrestling industry and that kinda gives the show a bit more validity which it needs rather than it being a vehicle for the VOCnation.He’s dry fuuny too.

    • I’d like to get Mike on more. The last few times I asked him he wasn’t available.

  2. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    the only industry i need to be a part of, is the industry of flourishing.