Saturday Night Akbaz / Two Tickets to Paradise-5


Ladies and gentlemen … Live from Los Angeles, California, it’s Saturday Night Akbaz! Also featuring Two Tickets to Paradise with the VOC Nation‘s Nemar Wells!

6 Responses to Saturday Night Akbaz / Two Tickets to Paradise

  1. Avatar Mike
    Mike says:

    It sounds like somebody needs to change the battery in his smoke detector.

  2. Avatar Mike
    Mike says:

    “I’m sorry about this, Alka Seltzer.”

  3. Avatar Mike
    Mike says:

    You have to have an IQ greater than rhubarb.

  4. Avatar Mike
    Mike says:

    “Out of seven trips there, how many do you not have diarrhea?”

  5. Avatar Mike
    Mike says:

    “I only know Gandalf because…I know Gandalf.”

    Seriously, that’s my favorite line in the show.

  6. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    thanks mike for the support, we were dying the comment board was empty, hey if you listen to the fucken show, leave a fucken comment, or dont fucken listen to the fucken show, fuck.