Guest Commentary: Samoa Joe

Photo by TNA Wrestling

“I feel it is of dire importance if you want to see the product as well as the fan base continue to grow, people want to see wrestling in their hometown, they wanna go to live events and they want to be part of the experience and forgive me for using the same adjective again but its a very symbiotic experience where the crowd very much powers the performance in the ring and its almost subconscious, when you are out there in front of thousands of screaming fans it amps up your game a little bit, whether you like it or not, it puts you on point, it puts you on focus and makes you want to go out there and put something on fantastically. I think what you saw last week (TV taping from England) was very much evident of that.”–TNA’s Samoa Joe, on the importance of getting out of The Impact Zone

2 Responses to Guest Commentary: Samoa Joe

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    there was better lighting at a indy dog show then at the england show and there was probably 200 people there at best also, so no big deal have a donut bro.

  2. Avatar dividebyzero
    dividebyzero says:

    Great to see them out of the stale ass Impact Zone. People actually paid versus getting papered for being in the Theme Park (I am hoping). Different energy to the show. Mmm…donuts