IN THE ROOM with Kekoa The Flyin Hawaiian, Adam Cole, and CZW Owner DJ Hyde-2

This week IN THE ROOM, an action-packed show in which Brady Hicks welcomes the #2 entrant in the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)’s 2012 Super 8 tournament – Kekoa The Flyin Hawaiian! Be sure to check out this great interview with one of wrestling’s top young independent prospects, as he gives his thoughts on ECWA’s Super 8 legacy, the competitors in this year’s tourney, and all that the future might hold. All that, plus CZW owner DJ Hyde calls in to the show to talk about all that has been going on with the ultra-hardcore promotion of late, and Brady and the gang are also joined by Adam Cole, of Ring of Honor and CZW, as he talks about all that has been happening in his world. Great show all around! Plus, Brady, Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Mike Bessler, and Derrick McDonald talk Raw, Elimination Chamber, what has (and hasn’t) been working as WWE continues to push toward WrestleMania, and the importance of real, legitimate pushes for guys like Zack Ryder and Santino Marella.

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    Not excellent…really missing DJ bigtime.

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    i just type excellent to support the show, i didnt listen.

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    is it just me or does anyone else think that bitch in the t mobile commercial is a fucken robot, i would like to hit her in the face with a brick wrapped in barb wire.