Mat Minutiae: Season Finale

It’s the season finale of Mat Minutiae, bitches. Worlds will live, worlds will die, and nothing will ever be the same!”

As you read this, you’re one click away from the star-studded, explosive season finale of Mat Minutiae featuring HUGE announcements from the illustrious Mike B. and his larger-than-life quasi-associate Chauncey “The Gaudy” Fentura. You’ll also swoon to the pear-shaped tones of The Voice of Choice and you’ll wretch and writhe with laughter at the irreverent mirth of Kevin McElvaney, known affectionately ‘round these parts as half of the talent behind the podcasting juggernaut known as “Bowling Shoe Handsome.” Will there be another season for the ever-lovin’ Double-M? Only Brady’s hairdresser knows for sure.

Mat Minutiae: It’s like a laxative for your brain.


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