The Future of Whats Wrong With Wrestling

You know something, I probably deserve this. Nathan is still refusing to do the show, Brady hasnt accepted or rejected my apology and I am sick. There will not be a show this week. The REAL Host of the Year will return next week and hopefully I will be able to provide a few answers.

While im here and not doing a show this week, no comment on the ppv. It wasnt great but has set up for a great Mania. Raw was awesome, the next few weeks are going to be brilliant. and I cant wait for Mania. Genuinely popped at the HiaC announcement for the first time since Armageddon 2000.

2 Responses to The Future of Whats Wrong With Wrestling

  1. Avatar Mike
    Mike says:

    If you need a guest co-host, well…Not sayin’, just sayin’….

  2. Avatar technojojo
    technojojo says:

    Sounds like you need to finally repent…REPENT the end is near!