A plea to Brady Hicks

You wouldn’t answer my emails, facebook or the messages I put out on my own show so I guess this is the last chance. You’ve still yet to accept my apology. I can help you, Im gonna go on the record and say TBH is about an inch away from succeeding WSW… without having any real “stars”, everyone has created their own path via TBH or alongside your website and both we/they and your site have benefited from that. But now you’ve run into problems… be that talent leaving, hacking, taking over, revolting etc or even your own ego getting in the way.
We all remember what happened to the last guy who had that problem, you know the guy that you threw a hissy fit over when I had him as a guest. You remember Tommy Fierro, don’t you? Your good buddy Tommy! Well of course you do, you name drop him on 3/4 In The Room’s each month. I don’t want you to go down the same path as him, believe it or not I like you and your website.

Now I will probably get heat for this from various people but I know that you are the victim in all of this. Accept my apology and I will do everything in my power to keep the safety of TBH.com intact and I will work alongside the talent of the site to prevent any further problems occuring.

Again, I apologise for the heat between us in these past few months but I do not apologise for a single thing I have done. I made TBH.com a big deal and I did it without guests. Like Kevin said in his letter, we need unity at TBH.com which is why I am extending my hand. I will understand if you do not trust me but we need to talk about this.

You know every way of contacting me so I know if you look beyond the ego and look towards the future of your website, The Brady Hicks and Entertainment’s Greatest Villain working together would make your website and us in general… an unstoppable force that this world would struggle to put a stop to. I don’t care if we do this of air, on your show, mine or someone elses, this has to end.

I hope you can make a decision that benefits us all, we would do so much better being on the same side.


Entertainment’s Greatest Villain

3 Responses to A plea to Brady Hicks

  1. I accept your apology. Can we move forward now … please?!?

  2. Avatar harry
    harry says:

    Im a man of my word. All said above will happen.

  3. I feel like a weight has been lifted, old friend…..