Bowling Shoe Handsome – Goin’ Home

The web’s premier “punk rock ‘n wrestling” podcast, Bowling Shoe Handsome, airs each week. It’s packed tight with information and musings about pro wrestling and pop culture. Plus: it features tunes from some of the world’s best punk rock, indie, and alternative artists!

This special “go home” edition of BSH previews WrestleMania 28 – which takes place this Sunday, April 1. The good, bad, and in between of the “Superbowl of Sports Entertainment” are previewed, as Kevin welcomes special guest, Mike Bessler, to provide his invaluable insight. Plus, find out more details about the upcoming Road to Ruin Fest – taking place April 20-22 in Philadelphia!

Musical Playlist:

The Please and Thank Yous – Peas ‘N Cheese
Ascetic Parade – Suburban Decay
Sass Dragons – 8 or 9 on a Bike
3rd Year Freshman – Hope It’s Not Me
Mike Bessler – It Begins
Captain We’re Sinking – Foster Brothers
Big Eyes – Since You Left
The Eeries – Walk You Home
Jack’s Smirking Revenge – Strangely Meta

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6 Responses to Bowling Shoe Handsome – Goin’ Home

  1. Avatar Young John
    Young John says:

    Can’t think of what to type….Kelly Kelly…in Baywatch bathing suit…sooo hot….gkljklfdsjlkjsldjlf;sdfjl

  2. Mike has a song in the playlist? This IS going to be a good one.

  3. IMO the streak could go on to 50-0 since Taker is only 50 and only has to wrestle once a year. Mae Young wrestled just two years ago at 90, so Taker wrestling in HiaC’s til he’s 80 is very reasonable. He could destroy everyone for the next two big upswings in business!

  4. Avatar Miolli
    Miolli says:

    About that WM ME with no blet on the line, I think that Taker vs HBK II was like that…
    Eh, and I still miss YJ as a co-host…

    • Avatar Kevin McElvaney
      Kevin McElvaney says:

      I miss John as a cohost, too.

      • He called into DimpleDate this week. It was awesome to hear his voice again.