IN THE ROOM with Azrieal and Shazza McKenzie


This week, Pro Wrestling Illustrated contributing writer Brady Hicks, and Derrick McDonald, are joined IN THE ROOM on WEXP Philly and by ECWA Super 8 competitor Azrieal, another trainee of Homicide who is looking to make his mark on Saturday, March 7, 2012 in Newark, Delaware. Check out Arieal’s thoughts on being a part of this prestigious tournament, who he plans to look out for, and who he would LOVE to face. Plus, Australian standout (and, in Brady’s opinion, future WWE Diva) Shazza McKenzie comes in the room to talk all about her US tour, sponsored by and including matches in SHIMMER and the ECWA, plus training with Mike Quakenbush at the CHIKARA school. In addition, Brady and Derrick break down WWE Raw and how WrestleMania is shaping up, take a special look at The Rock’s musical talents, and debate how Zack Ryder has been treated in recent weeks.

In other news … Brady Hicks announced he is going to Miami for WrestleMania! Will you be joining him?

5 Responses to IN THE ROOM with Azrieal and Shazza McKenzie

  1. Avatar Mr Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries
    Mr Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries says:

    To Dozy McDonald

    In response to my braking of Brady’s balls lol

    1)when you run your dicklicker, make sure you quote the comments properly you are critizing.
    2)Brady’s old enough to cup his own balls. Doesn’t need you to defend him over constructive criticism.He replied in the right way to my partially sarcastic post.Scumbag indeed.
    3)If you honestly think this show is better now than it was on WSW in either format(ITR/PWI) then I will say sorry for the critism and applaud your great work on this longtime work of progess Derek.It’s like appluading WWE of 2012 for churning out a better product than the Attutde era WWE.

    Siilly me with my 2nd oh-so long post(it’s not long) thinking of the days ITR vs The Jabba Alley vs the Main Show. Harry vs Brady is better isn’t it.Come to think of it, you can forget turning this into a storyline or Mark Long V24 vs the board cos this is my last post. My point was the crew forgot what made them fresh.Nevermind, good luck co-present and give yourself a Barry Horowitz slap on the back.

    • So is your problem with the show itself or that there aren’t any other shows I can feud with … little confused.

  2. Avatar Mr Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries
    Mr Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries says:

    Damn you brady making me post again. This is the LAST TIME.

    Why are you confused? The feuding was an element of many others what made the show good plus I used that as an example as you had shows like that to bounce off raising the standard. My problem is with the show itself not being up to what it was before. Your ‘product’ may be bigger in terms of more shows and affiliates than before, but like you used to say on WSW, the main show just isn’t that good(hi Brian Soloman) and the others aren’t even up to Sarlo’s TNA minute(okay i’m trolling but bring that back as well). Don’t worry though as you can just ignore this and give yourselves Barry Horowitz slaps on the back for a job well done. I’ll still listen to you due to sentiment, but not as diligent. I’d blame current Wrestling, but I listen to the AMP and the ‘o’ show on Angry marks and they make wrestling sound interesting.

    • Yeah, I guess it’s just different strokes for different folks.

    • Avatar mrakbaz
      mrakbaz says:

      who are you mark long? and can you leave negative comments on my board too thanks.
      I also enjoy the O show and the don tony/ kevin castle show.
      I will stick up for my people and have to say on behalf of one troll to another fuck you dude!