Bowling Shoe Handsome – Legit Tough Guise, Part I

The web’s premier “punk rock ‘n wrestling” podcast, Bowling Shoe Handsome, airs each week. It’s packed tight with information and musings about pro wrestling and pop culture. Plus: it features tunes from some of the world’s best punk rock, indie, and alternative artists!

Ahead of WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, this week’s show is part one in a two part series about what Brock Lesnar’s MMA pedigree means for the future of WWE. Mike Bessler joins Kevin to discuss Lesnar’s work since his return, what will likely come next, and how John Cena will be impacted by all of this. Plus a MAJOR announcement concerning next week’s show, and a tribute to musical legend, Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spex). Enjoy!

Musical Playlist:

Tin Armor – Raise High the Roof Beams
Irish Handcuffs – Little Tired
Ascetic Parade – Promenade in Raindrops
The Please & Thank Yous – Holy Hell
*Mari Elliot (Poly Styrene) – Silly Billy

Download this week’s podcast:

*Unreleased track, not commercially available. All other songs are either used with permission of the artists themselves or are excerpts, used for scholarly or critical purposes.

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