IN THE ROOM – Extreme Rules Pregame Edition

This week, IN THE ROOM announces a special, UNCENSORED, watered-down PODCAST-ONLY edition of the show, highlighting the upcoming WWE Extreme Rules show. Check it out as Brady Hicks and the extended gang – Derrick McDonald, DJ, Kevin McElvaney, and Anthony Sarlo – talk all about the big Brock Lesnar-John Cena match and all the other things we might expect from this ppv. Special thanks to Mike Bessler and Young John for calling in, plus Hell in a Cell Radio’s own Dean Dixon for making a special appearance (even though we were late getting him on the line … sorry!) to plug his great new podcast on In addition, lots of Punk-Jericho talk, The Bellas vs. Kharma, and Brady has A LOT to get off his chest, plus so much more. Thanks, as always, for the support!

12 Responses to IN THE ROOM – Extreme Rules Pregame Edition

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    great show guys!

    • Avatar BigErn
      BigErn says:

      Hey, why does Akbaz get the show before we do … or more specifically … before it airs? That is totally unfair.

      I seriously would like to listen live and partake in watering down but stuck with other silly obligations tonight. I will plan to listen in on the podcast when it’s available for download.

      On another note:
      1. This build for Cenanuff/Lesnar blows big time. I cannot wait for the match and hope that it’s a two minute squash (guess which way I want it to go) but the contract signing did very little to get excited about. DivaBrock does not bring out his strengths at all. Where’s that Heyman sleazebag when we need him (great mouthpiece) just allowing Brock to kick ass?
      2. Both Bellas are easy on the eyes but the fact that they took the strap off my girl Beth just before she held the record title reign blows serious chunks. Hmmm … let’s see, booking decides that the best way to have Beth inevitably face Kharma Kong is to have her lose to a (cute/terrible worker) Bella. Way to keep Beth strong here. Kharma Kong kills the Bellas this Sunday or on Monday.
      3. Will they dare take the strap away from Punk in his hometown? Vince seems to love having talent lose at home. If this happens then I would expect a very short reign from Jericho who is likely to be gone just before or after SummerSlam (a guess).
      4. They had better consider putting the World strap back on Bryan. That guy is fantastic and certainly has more interest around him than Sheamus. Sheamus wins the first fall and Bryan the last two with questionable tactics for the last fall. That’s what I want but I think that Sheamus wins this weekend and then spots CrippleH to keep him from ripping another quad.

      Enjoy the water, fellas.

      • Thanks man! Mr. Akbaz didn’t even get the preview lol.
        1.) I think Brock has been great in his role of the bully. I hope people all get what they want out of this match … it has a lot of potential to go either way.
        2.) You’re probably right about Kharma. For me it makes sense to have Beth out for a couple months and have Kharma have a comparable monster reign before meeting Beth later in the year, possibly even at WrestleMania NEXT year.
        3.) and 4.) I expect Punk and Bryan to win. I hope I’m not disappointed there. Regarding Bryan specifically, I am hoping they do it based on how the fans have been reacting to him.

  2. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    yes i was hopped up on pills and heineken at a bikin bar chasing whores, and didnt listen to the show, i just typed great show guys.

    • Avatar BigErn
      BigErn says:

      Well that makes perfect sense. Seeing as you were pursuing wholesome activities in a nice, Christian environment, I see no issue in that. It’s cool, bud. What are some of your predictions for Extreme Rules?

      • Avatar mrakbaz
        mrakbaz says:

        hey yo ERN! besides lesner and cena enuff i really dont have a rooting interest, i will watch it, let me know if u want a link to the show, or better yet try, it should be there around 5pm sunday!

        • Avatar BigErn
          BigErn says:

          Thanks Akbaz. I always appreciate links of that nature. I honestly have buddies who go in on it with me OR if I cannot make it I can watch their recording later. However, links are good to know … especially other than which is too mainstream lately.

  3. Avatar Ilistenedbymistake
    Ilistenedbymistake says:

    This is one of those really sad attempts at a podcast and quite honestly i wish i could get back the ten minutes i wasted listening to a man who sounds retarded complaining about something that has nothing to do with wrestling this show sucks and the cursing only makes this something thats not even able to be sponsored idiots your audio is horrendous thanks for wasting my life

    • Avatar BigErn
      BigErn says:

      That is one incredible run-on sentence. I would have thought that Dalton Trumbo hit the boards but he passed on in 1976. Did your predictions for Extreme Rules match up with the hosts and what did you expect from a ‘watered down edition’? Reading this thread reminds me of how much I appreciate views on wrestling.

      Are we all jacked for Open Fight Night on TNA tonight or will this be another perpetual fast forward on the PVRs?

      • I’m hoping that it will lead to a bunch of indie wrestlers I know getting signed, but I guess we’ll see.

    • I’m sorry this is your life!

    • Avatar Roland Ferguson
      Roland Ferguson says:

      Ilistenedbymistake,you forgot to sign your semiliterate rant with the word “WORLDWIDE.”