Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. – The Bruise Brothers’ Funeral

Plenty of moments in pro wrestling prove to be genuine, bona fide head-scratchers. But that’s not always to say that these situations are poorly conceived, offensive or downright crazy. Sometimes it’s the art of the swerve that yields raised brows, double-takes and a healthy amount of laughter and profane exclamations.

Take, for example, the old “Death of the Bruise Brothers” angle from Memphis Wrestling way back in 1984. The whole bit started with an allegedly grief-stricken Jimmy Hart appearing in the television studio to advise Lance Russell that his infamous tag team The Bruise Brothers (a.k.a. The Dream Machine and Pork Chop Cash) were  – as he put it  – “no more.” Now, the Memphis fans were accustomed to all kinds of chicanery and deception from the much-maligned hart and his “First Family” and despite the fact that Jimmy laid it on thick, the studio audience wasn’t buying it…at first. But as time went on and Jimmy spoke at length about his tragic loss and rolled some news footage complete with an apparent funeral procession, many fans likely wondered if perhaps this time, Hart was telling the truth. Even Canadian Lumberjack Jos LeDuc made a cameo in a scene from the funeral home, musing about mortality and the like before summarily dismissing the camera crew from his presence.

Eventually, the truth came out and the whole plot turned into what is likely one of the funniest moments in the history of Memphis Wrestling. But for a second, there, The Mouth of The South had a lot of folks saying, “WTF?”

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