Guest Commentary: Mr. Ken Anderson

Photo by TNA Wrestling

“Oh, man, I think we [TNA Wrestling] needs to focus on finding the next big thing to take us over the top, instead of trying to be like them [WWE]. I’ve gone on record many times in saying that we have the best roster of wrestlers of any promotion in the entire world. But we need to be mindful of the resources that we have and the resources that we don’t have. I personally would like to see us make more use of the reality TV style of filming, because that has been a big thing for a long time now. I’ve been joking around for years that if we, the boys, could just take a video camera in a car with us on the road then it would be the top wrestling show today. We need more of that, and we need to find other emerging trends that could help take wrestling to the next level.” — TNA’s Mr. Ken Anderson, responding to Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s and IN THE ROOM’s Brady Hicks’ question at the TNA Sacrifice press conference yesterday about what TNA needs to specifically do to get to the next level and better compete with WWE.

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