This Week in Wrestling-2

This Week in Wrestling (May 14, 1995), WWE held its inaugural In Your House pay per view. In the main event, Diesel defeated Sycho Sid to retain the World Wrestling Federation Championship.

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  1. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    I think this is the PPV where they actually gave a house away in hopes of it hyping the concept. It was also the PPV designed to get Bam Bam Bigelow a run on top for doing the job to LT, but it was supposedly sabotaged by Michaels and company and Bigelow quickly phased down the card after his 1 main event and was gone from the company by late fall.

    • Never heard that about Bigelow/Michaels.

      • Avatar Jason
        Jason says:

        Meltzers moving into that period now with his back issues (hes around RR 95) so maybe that can correct some things I remember reading back then and also hearing about later on, but what I recall was that it all stemmed from Mania. There were some who claimed Nash wanted the match vs LT because of the money and was upset he didnt get it, but I think the bigger deal was that he and HBK were mad they did not get top billing since they had worked hard to get to that spot since the summer and this was the culmination. Vince explained to them how they would be pushed on NBC as the main event in a Mania special set for that June that would show their match as a way to introduce the general public to their new stars. BBB/LT would be shown first. NBC cancelled the show. I remember it as maybe a basketball game or something live running late and it never being shown, but others said it was just cancelled by NBC. It was eventually picked up by Fox but that was months later plus Fox was nowhere near the level of NBC in those days.

        Upset about not getting their promised exposure on network TV and the fact that they carried the company for the year they felt Bigelow shouldnt get his push either. They went to Vince and gave some deal about Bigelow being no good, how they didnt want to work with him, and how it made far more sense to let them work together and fit Ramon into the mix as well. I think thats how the ladder rematch came about. Bigelow didnt fight it since he couldnt stand them, thought they were hurting the lives of other wrestlers, and didnt feel like dealing with it.

        They pulled the same stunt with Shane Douglas that year who was promised a big push and then got thrown under the bus when the plan was to put the IC title on him. Apparently Hall and some other guys who were friendly with their group were blowing spots in arena matches with Douglas and then going to Vince and saying Shane was unsafe to work with. Vince gave in and put the IC title on Ramon even thought there was no logical reason to go back to him.