Breaking News Update – WSU Coverage for An Uncensored Rumble End of an Era

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This past Saturday was a very special day for me, and not because of the PWI 500 meeting or getting to meet Mike Bessler for the first time, face-to-face, but because I got to see one of those truly special shows that are so hard to forget.

Last Saturday night in Deer Park, New York was truly the end of an era, as Women Superstars Uncensored promoter Sean McCaffrey announced its sale to Drew Cordero of Beyond Wrestling.

No idea how it’s going to be with the new owner. I don’t know him at all. But I can say that the Sean the Mic-run shows were some of the best indie shows I’ve ever been to (and not just for women’s wrestling, but wrestling in general). The next show is now scheduled for September. I’ve been going to these shows for years because the girls there give it their all and always put on a hell of a performance. Tonight was no different as Jessicka Havok proved she belongs in her main-event spot opposite Mercedes Martinez, and is quite possibly now one of the top women’s wrestlers in the world. Plus, awesome performances by the usuals – Sassy Steph, Allison Kay, Alicia, Lexus, Britney Savage, Tina San Antonio, Marti Belle, Amy Lee, Jennifer Cruz, and all the rest of the regular crew. I was also very impressed with some of the newcomers such as Kimber Lee, Leva Bates, and Terra Callaway. If I left anyone out it wasn’t intentional. On  a side, it was awesome to see Kimber last so long in the Rumble, and to see LuFisto shock everyone by interfering in the main event.

Please, everybody, go visit and order the replay, or go to and order the DVD. And, if you’re on the lookout for more WSU stuff, be sure to check out IN THE ROOM LIVE this Tuesday night, 9:30 PM EST, with special guest Sassy Stephanie, to talk Uncensored Rumble, plus Hell in a Cell Talk Radio LIVE Wednesday night, with a special start time of 9 PM EST. Both programs will stream LIVE on!

I”m also so proud that I got to introduce Hell in a Cell radio’s own Dean Dixon and Ryan “Big Burgundy” to the awesome WSU experience, as well:

“Last night, I had the honor to be in attendance on Long Island to see for myself the hottest women’s action on the independent scene. WSU Uncensored Rumble was one of the best events I have seen this year. I think there’s an unfair stigma attached to women’s wrestling in general; but, the action last night, if seen by a larger audience would put that stigma to bed. The matches these women put on were some of the best I have seen in a long time. The main even casket match was an epic encounter. I can not wait to check out the action again.”–Dean Dixon, HIAC Talk Radio

“My first WSU experience was one of complete jubilation. I have never seen women’s wrestling like the women’s wrestling I saw at WSU. The heart, blood, sweat, and tears that the wrestlers gave to put on the kind of show that made fans who came cheer the whole night shows me that the wrestlers of WSU are some of the best in the business and want to change the stereotypes associated with women’s wrestling. I tip my cap to the women of WSU wrestling and can’t wait to experience another WSU show.”–Ryan “Big Burgundy, HIAC Talk Radio

Official PWI Arena Card Report (with match times):

WSU at the NYWC Sportatorium: Marti Belle beat Jessicka Havok to win the Spirit championship after interference by Mercedes Martinez [6:39] … Kalamity defeated Sweet Cherrie [4:17] … Tina San Antonio pinned Annie Social [7:01] … LuFisto beat Leva Bates [14:51] … Jennifer Cruz, Nikki Syx, and Ezavel Suena defeated Jana, Latasha, Jessie Brooks, and Kimber Lee in a four-on-three elimination tag handicap match, with Cruz last pinning Jana [7:08] … Allison Kay beat Terra Callaway [6:31] … Brittney Savage defeated Sassy Stephanie in a Hardcore match [14:17] … Alicia pinned Lexus [12:49] … Lexus won the 2012 Uncensored Rumble, last eliminating Alicia [33:42] (Full Uncensored Rumble results below) … WSU champion Jessicka Havok defeated Mercedes Martinez to retain her title in a Casket Match [19:07], after LuFisto interfered.

–Brady Hicks

Order of Entry:

  1. Kimber Lee
  2. Allison Kay
  3. Jessie Brooks
  4. Ezavel Suena
  5. Nikki Syx
  6. Latasha
  7. Sweet Cherrie
  8. Sassy Stephanie
  9. Marti Belle
  10. Tina San Antonio
  11. Leva Bates
  12. Jana
  13. Lexus
  14. Terra Callaway
  15. Annie Social
  16. Kalamity
  17. Brittney Savage
  18. Alicia
  19. LuFisto
  20. Amy Lee
  21. Jennifer Cruz

Order of Elimination:

  1. Jessie Brooks
  2. Ezavel Suena
  3. Latasha
  4. Sweet Cherrie
  5. Nikki Syx
  6. Marti Belle
  7. Terra Callaway
  8. Tina San Antonio
  9. Kalamity
  10. Leva Bates
  11. Jana
  12. Kimber Lee
  13. LuFisto
  14. Annie Social
  15. Jennifer Cruz
  16. Amy Lee
  17. Brittney Savage
  18. Sassy Stephanie
  19. Allison Kay
  20. Alicia
    Winner – Lexus

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