ITR On the Go-5

Photo by WWE

I really don’t get WWE’s fascination with making a John Cena-Big Show feud “get over” with the fans, but I do know that they’ve tried so many times in the last five years that it has to be their goal. Face it … Show, at least as far as being a character the fans can hate, has some major repair work due his way. And that’s as if to say it’s even possible to change his course at all (I still have reservations about that)! Maybe if they didn’t spend so much in-between time having Show wrestle mostly in comedy matches and being such a happy-go-lucky guy.

At this point I’m pretty sure his potential WWE career as a bad guy is just gone.

No matter how big the guy is, no matter how intimidating he COULD be, you can’t just take a guy you portray as a bumbling fool for so long and turn him into a legitimate bad-ass without doing something major. The Big Show would have to go over the line and destroy somebody in a manner as has never really been seen on WWE television … quite possibly in a manner that is not even doable. I’m talking like the Brian Pillman gun incident or The Outlaws pushing a dumpster off a stage.

And even then, I still have some serious concerns that it would never work.

Unfortunately for WWE, they’ve painted themselves into this corner with regards to The Big Show, and there is almost no way to backtrack now and reverse the way he is perceived without getting some major wet paint on their feet. Don’t believe me? Just watch the buildup for his WrestleMania “moment” against Cody Rhodes – or their Extreme Rules rematch – and realize that you cannot call somebody a joke for nearly all of 13 years and then reverse that trend in one night.

The Big Show needs a major overhaul, and we all know it.

The problem is when a car needs a new transmission and a new engine and a new radiator you don’t usually just paint the outside and send the driver on his way.

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