ITR On the Go – Issue VI: May 31-June 4, 2012-2012

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TOP OF TNA – Dixie Carter Press Conference
Be sure to check back at 4 PM EST today on, as the site will air the full, unedited version of Dixie Carter’s press conference from the other day. Unfortunately, Brady was under the weather and unable to participate, but that didn’t stop dozens of news media outlets from around the world in attending the event.

TOP OF WWE – Randy Orton Suspended 60 Days
Just after ITR On the Go went to press last week, it was announced that Randy Orton had failed his second WWE drug test and would be suspended for 60 days. For Orton, this is his second and final strike with the company. Many believe that this is actually Orton’s third strike, due to the dubious nature of his not being suspended as part of the Signature Pharmacy scandal of 2007, although WWE claims Orton’s actions were already covered by a prior suspension and thus they could not penalize him twice for the same infraction. Orton was also suspended for 60 days in 2006 for destroying a hotel room.

TOP OF INDIES – Pro Wrestling Syndicate Show Friday
Be sure to check out YouShoot! Live tonight (6/1) and Legends of the Ring, tomorrow (6/2), in Monroe, NJ.’s own Brady Hicks will be there. Also check out ECWA “Raising the Bar” in Newark, Delaware (6/2). Brady will be there as well. If you can’t be there live for YouShoot!, it is available on iPPv with details at,

Orlando, FL
–Sting s TNA World Champion Bobby Roode [7:14] … X Champion Austin Aries p Chris Sabin [4:47] to retain his title … TV Champion Devon wrestled Jeff Hardy to a no-contest [6:56] … AJ Styles p Christopher Daniels [8:43].(05/31/2012)

TNA Ratings
TNA Champion – Bobby Roode (W)

  1. Sting (-)
  2. X Austin Aries (1)
  3. AJ Styles (7)
  4. Jeff Hardy (2)
  5. TV Devon (8)
  6. Bully Ray (5)
  7. Rob Van Dam (3)
  8. Mr. Anderson (4)
  9. Kurt Angle (6)
  10. Kazarian (10)

Women’s Ratings
Knockout Champion – Gail Kim (W)

  1. Velvet Sky (1)
  2. Brooke Tessmacher (2)
  3. Mickie James (3)

TBH.COM NEWS – HiaC Talk Radio ECWA Pre-Game 6/2
Check out Dean Dixon’s LIVE ECWA pre-game edition of Hell in a Cell Talk Radio right here, tomorrow, June 2nd, from 5:30-7 PM EST, LIVE from the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club. It will stream LIVE on

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