Admin: We here at are fed up with the abusive treatment and continuous threats we have been getting from Harry. Brady has asked us to take over Harrys account and Brady has also FORCED Harry to meet with TBH doctors and have a psychological profile.

When Harry was asked for a statement, he responded “F*** this, don’t you people realise who I am? Just because I don’t play by Brady’s stupid rules, I must be crazy? Do you remember when he suspended me for breaking the wellness policy? Hello?! STRAIGHT EDGE! Whatever man, tell Hicks, I’ll meet with his doctors and they can test me.”

Harry also made several abusive comments about TNA. Check back here on the site for updates on Harry and whether What’s Wrong With Wrestling has a future.

2 Responses to Retaliation

  1. Avatar troll army
    troll army says:

    the troll army wants harry to join

  2. Avatar Harry
    Harry says:

    Join what?