ITR Fan Conclave II Confirmed Appearances (Updated)

Wow, the 2012 ITR Fan Conclave is really taking shape. Here is the list of confirmed personalities who will  be appearing in some form or fashion:

Brady Hicks, DJ, Derrick McDonald, Anthony Sarlo

Jay V Mail
Jay V, Brady

Hell in a Cell Talk Radio
Double D, Mark Thompson, Dan Law, Ryan “Big Burgundy”

The Papadon Show
“The Greek God” Papadon, Brady Hicks

The Book Club with Big and Tull
Jeff “Big” Malinoski

Mike Tartaglia, Mr. Ooh La La, Papadon, Chris Wylde, Joe Zanolle, Kekoa, Coach Jim Shorts, Fusion-DS, to name a few …

Jeannette, Dr. Slice, Brady Hicks

Brady, Vince Gillett, Jeff Malinoski

Board Members
Vince Gillett, Big Ern, Jason

Former ITR Guests
Papadon, Chris Wylde, Kid America, Joe Zanolle, Fusion-DS, Bobby Shields, Coach Jim Shorts, Kekoa

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  1. Avatar harry
    harry says:

    Will Brady be there? I dont see his name on here