The Extreme Odd Couple with Steve Corino-17

XOC Podcast #34 -“Battle of the F’n Sexes!”

Last week on The Extreme Odd Couple, Steve Corino and Rob Dimension decided it was time to challenge their “better halves” to some trivia. Dimension, believing he truly is the “Certified Genius” while he is really “A Borderline Moron” tries to pull a fast one on the ladies….will he succeed?? @JordPen and @KimDimension are the guests this week and share in the discussion of all topics including: Living with the “guys”, they listen as Dimension and Corino offer sexual advice and they sit, mortified while the guys tell everyone, regardless what was said in Clerks 2, one thing is NEVER acceptable…NEVER!!! This episode was fun to sit and listen while they recorded and it’s obvious that the girls are going to heaven…if it exists. Follow the guys on Twitter @RobDimension & @SteveCorino plus visit their sites at, and Make sure you subscribe, rate and review the show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

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