Jay V Mail #47: Bad Ass Han Solo in Carbonite

Jason from Florida asks:

 If Han Solo was such a badass, why did he cry so much when he was thawed from the carbonite? And why doesn’t windows recognize carbonite as a correctly spelled word? And why am I even writing a question about Star Wars? Sorry. That was really three questions. Take your pick.

A special thank you to our resident Star Wars expert Chris Scott of Vagary.TV, for assisting with today’s question. Visit Jason at Forgotten Flix to hear him and his cohost wax poetic about films you may not have heard about because it’s been a really long time. Today’s episode is not sponsored by Carbonite. There’s no warning when you lose your files. That’s why you need Carbonite. It’s automatic, secure backup. It’s not carbon mixed with tibanna gas, compressed, and then flash-frozen into blocks for easy transport.

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