Special Start Time:
10:30 PM EST

Special One-Night-Only Call-In Number:
(718) 664-9133

In 1994, WWF owner Vincent Kennedy McMahon was indicted by the US Federal Government on charges of attempting to distribute steroids.

Faced with the prospect of a long prison sentence, McMahon had only one real choice: he turned to longtime wrestling promoter Jerry Jarrett to run his business.

For Brady Hicks, in 2012, the choice was clear as well … he turned to Dean Dixon of Hell in a Cell Talk Radio to run IN THE ROOM for one night only.

Tune in Tuesday night, September 4th, for a very special edition of IN THE ROOM with ECWA Heavyweight Champion “The Greek God” Papadon. Plus Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Brady Hicks Dean Dixon, Derrick McDonald, and Dan Law talk WWE and TNA, field your calls, and so … much … more!!!

21 Responses to IN THE ROOM … WITHOUT Brady Hicks

  1. I love the graphic! And, on the graphic you have the right time, in the writeup you have 10PM. This may call confusion!

    • noticed that and fixed it! thanks again dean!

      • No problem. Just looking forward to having a fun show. Don’t forget to give Derrick my info. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Avatar harry
    harry says:

    Backing out of your own show… you must have something to hide, surely you would have turned the show over to the greatest entity this show has ever seen! I would have taken it to new heights

  3. Avatar DJ
    DJ says:

    This is ridiculous…I’m pissed.

  4. Avatar harry
    harry says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha see even your co-host can’t trust you Brady!

    • Avatar DJ
      DJ says:

      That is correct

  5. brady is the producer of the greatest show ever to be cut and paste from a voicemail to the site, and presented as a podcast.

    • Avatar BigErn
      BigErn says:

      Is the Bolin’ Alley coming to ITR? ;)

      Seriously … I thought the HIAC guys did very well right down to some compelling fatty foods (minus the almonds of course … wtf is that for a fatty food?) My fatty food of the week is the Philly Cheesesteak sub that I got at the last conclave the had no steak in it! It was some vegetarian number dripping with cheese and sauce. Blech. I won’t be making the same mistake at conclave #2 next weekend.

      Papadon was a very gracious guest on the podcast … the kind of guy that knows that positivity encourages positivity. I wonder if he moonlights as a motivational speaker ;)

      • Bolin has a deal going with AMP’d Radio. I only stopped running The Bolin Alley and The Shoot Club because they stopped syndicating my show.

      • Avatar Dean
        Dean says:

        Thanks for the compliment. I’m happy you enjoyed the episode.

  6. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    Crap … by ITR I really mean TBH of course.

    Oh, DJ, a beer like the one at NOC at Fox and Hound last year will likely fix any problems you have. Hope that you are in good spirits for the Conclave.

    • Avatar DJ
      DJ says:

      I am not attending the Conclave

      • DJ’s word is worth nothing, Ern. I’m sorry.

        • Avatar BigErn
          BigErn says:

          Hi guys,

          I am looking forward to the Conclave either way. As much as I hate to write this (perhaps it’s the overtime exhaustion I am putting in at work and home before my vacation including the Conclave) I am not sure if this Brady/DJ thing is a ‘work’ (i.e. a couple of old friends having fun) or serious stuff.

          If it’s that latter then I often think of things like last nights Raw. Lawler came damn close to being lost. Life is precious and all can change in a split second. If that were to happen to me then I would regret any old grudges that were not resolved among other important things (if the whole life flashing before your eyes is true) with those close to me.

          The other thing is from what I read, if Lawler would have a heart attack anywhere on the planet then he was definitely in a very favorable place to have one. I may sound off on this as it’s so tragic that this has happened to him BUT if this were to happen to anybody almost anywhere else so damn suddenly (at home, or if Lawler went to the bathroom alone feeling ill) then chances are that the person would be long gone. The fact that there were EMTs a few feet away (for the wrestlers primarily) is really a hard-found blessing in such a tragic situation.

          At any rate, I hope that DJ does connect with us at the Conclave, Kevin and YJ make a return, I get to meet Mr. Dirty Joke, Anthony, Dean and the other guests/hosts of ITR that I really enjoy to hear weekly. The more the merrier but small groups are always fun too.

          See you in Philly on Friday!

          • I hope you’re not disappointed if all those guys don’t make it out, Ern. They all were when I advertised them. DJ gets these snits … who knows. I just know he’s been a jerk to me for about a week.

        • Avatar DJ
          DJ says:


          • I’ve said some things to you tonight I shouldn’t have, but you are being a total jerk. It’s like when Stone Cold walked out on WWE that one time, and The Rock came in and said, “Everyone in the back … they want to be here.”

            If you don’t want to be here, then that’s your choice. It’s a shame, but it’s your choice.