It’s Who’s Slammy Award Time!

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It’s time. It’s time! IT’S SLAMMY TIME TIME TIME TIME!!! The 2012 Who’s Slammy Awards will take place on a special Thursday night, December 27, 2012 edition of IN THE ROOM, LIVE 9:30/8:30 PM CT on WEXP Philly and Please vote for one in each category (polls close on 12/27 at 9/8 CT).

Best Audio Show (Wrestling) nominees:
2011 and 2010 Winner – IN THE ROOM

  • Between The Ropes
  • Book Club
  • Da O Show
  • Hell in a Cell
  • What’s Wrong With Wrstling
  • XOC Podcast

Best Audio Show (Entertainment) nominees:
2011 Winner – IN THE ROOM, 2010 Winner – The Bolin Alley

  • DimpleDate
  • Fish Tank
  • Hell in a Cell
  • Jay V Mail
  • Saturday Night Akbaz
  • XOC Podcast

Rookie Content Award nominees –
2011 Winner – Squash Match Sunday (Young John)

  • Book Club
  • DimpleDate
  • Fish Tank
  • Hell in a Cell
  • John Campbell Podcast
  • Papadon Show
  • Titus Machiavelli Show
  • Vendetta Pro Radio
  • The Sports Show

Best Videocast nominees:
2011 Winner – Completely Damaged

  • Completely Damaged
  • Fan Mail with Robert Knight
  • Scoop Slam
  • Steppin’ Out with Sassy Stephanie
  • This Week in Wrestling
  • WRESTLING Reflections with Darin Corbin

“Ga Head” – Interview of the Year nominees:
2011 Winner – Hulk Hogan (VOC Nation), 2010 Winner – Jerry Jarrett (For the Love of Wrestling)

  • Daniel Bryan (Between the Ropes)
  • Stacy Carter on Jerry Lawler (IN THE ROOM)
  • Steve Corino (Hell in a Cell)
  • Angelina Love (Da O Show)
  • Bob Levy (Hell in a Cell)
  • Joey Ryan (IN THE ROOM)
  • AJ Styles II (IN THE ROOM)

Slammed! Best Rivalry nominees:
2011 Winner – Brady Hicks vs. Harry Barnett, 2010 Winner – Brady Hicks vs. The Message Board

  • Brady Hicks vs. VOC Nation
  • Ratboy vs. Harry Barnett
  • Mike Bessler vs. Mr. Akbaz
  • Brady Hicks vs. DJ
  • Dean Dixon vs. The Monster Factory
  • Ray Bogusz vs. Mr. Akbaz

Where Have You Gone? MIA Star of the Year nominees:
2011 Winner – Tommy Fierro (PopTheCrowd), Brian Solomon (WSW Main Show)

  • Kevin McElvaney (Bowling Shoe Handsome)
  • DJ (Hiatus II)
  • Young John (Bowling Shoe Handsome, Squash Match Sunday)
  • Papadon (feud with Brady)
  • Anthony Sarlo
  • Mr. Akbaz

Best of the Board (and calls) nominees:
2011 Winner – Vince Gillett, 2010 Winner – Big Ern

  • John from Rhode Island
  • Ratboy
  • Royce
  • Jason
  • Mr. Akbaz
  • Harry Barnett

LOL ES – Seemed Cool At the Time nominees:
2011 Winner – Kevin McElvaney (Match Madness), 2010 Winner – Tommy Fierro (cup of coffee with WWE)

  • Harry Barnett as a bad guy again.
  • “Wrestling Rainman” John.
  • Brady Hicks making fun of Papadon.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Episode.
  • ITR Female Co-Host Search.

Scumbag of the Year nominees:
2011 Winner – Sid (no-showing ITR), 2010 Winner – Mark “Not” Long (board trolling)

  • Brady Hicks (does a reason even need to be here?)
  • VOC Nation (handling of Brady Hicks situation)
  • DJ (Hiatus II)
  • Mr. Akbaz (insensitive slurs, leaving site)
  • Harry Barnett (not letting go, 1+ year later)

Most Original Concept nominees:
2011 Winner – ITR Fan Conclave, 2010 Winner – “Lights Out” by The Bolin Alley

  • John from Rhode Island’s Songs (John from RI)
  • TWD Invades (Mike Bessler)
  • ITR SuperShows (Brady Hicks)
  • Hell in a Cell’s Live Indie Coverage (Dean Dixon)
  • ITR Female Co-Host Contest (Brady Hicks)
  • Hell in a Cell Takes Over ITR (Brady Hicks, Dean Dixon)
  • PPVs: How Much Would You Pay? (Mr. Akbaz)

Best Impression nominees:
2011 Winner – , 2010 Winner – Don West (DJ)

  • ROH Employee (Tommy Fierro)
  • Cyndi Lauper (Dan Law)
  • Sylvester Stallone (Mr. Akbaz)
  • Vickie Guerrero (Brady Hicks)
  • Triple-H (Mr. Akbaz)

Old Awards —
Be Clogging People – Fattiest of the Fat
2010 Winner – Kevin’s Mom’s Mashed Potatoes

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