DimpleDate – Dating and Relationships: Episode X (originally aired April 4, 2012)

TBH.com is proud to present The DimpleDate Podcast. Check it out as one of the world’s top dating and relationship consultants – Jeannette Ryder of DimpleDate.com – talks about the do’s and don’ts of dating. Tonight … Jeannette takes to the streets to interview bar-folk. Plus listeners call in to answer Jeannette’s inquiry: “Please call (206) 337-1031 to leave a voicemail answering any (or all) of the following questions 1. How do you pick someone up? 2. What is the worst way you were ever rejected? 3. How do you reject someone? 4. Do you use wingmen or wingwomen? 5. When do you know a casual thing should be labeled a relationship? 6. How do you keep a good relationship? 7. What are some of the best and worst pickup lines you’ve heard or used?”

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