Press Release: Bill Apter to Join VOC Nation as a Video Correspondent and Podcast Host

Legendary pro wrestling journalist and Wrestling Observer (and 15 other organizations) Hall of Fame member Bill Apter has signed a multi-year agreement with VOC Nation to serve as a video correspondent and podcast host.  In Apter’s new role, he will lead the VOC Nation team’s YouTube channel in addition to becoming a permanent member of the ‘Wrestling with History’ podcast alongside former WWE broadcaster Ken Resnick and former Philadelphia radio personality Bruce Wirt.  Apter’s branded ‘Apter Chat’ will also be coming to VOC Nation with both audio and video options. 

Apter began his wrestling journalism career in 1970 and is most widely known for his work on several magazines since that time period, most notably Pro Wrestling Illustrated.  Most recently, he worked as the editor at, which was created and owned by Bob Ryder prior to his death in November 2020.  

“Many people do not know this, but Bill was instrumental in the founding of VOC Nation in 2010”, said VOC Nation President and Founder Bruce Wirt.  “I met Bill while doing charity work in Philadelphia and he became a regular on my sports talk radio show in that market.  He inspired me to turn my baseball show into a full time wrestling show, and VOC Nation was born.  I am incredibly happy to have Bill back in the VOC Nation family.  I guess I can say:  Finally Bill Apter has come BACK to VOC Nation!”  

For now Apter will also continue his work on and  Plans are underway to move Apter’s correspondents Jay Shannon and Dan Murphy to the VOC Nation team as well.   

“In addition to being longtime friends of Bruce (Wirt) and (site manager) Brady Hicks, I am happy to be a part of what VOC Nation is building,” said Apter.  “I’m amazed at the growth over the past 10 years.  I can’t wait to jump in and contribute, working with true professionals like Ken Resnick, Bruce Wirt, and Brady Hicks.  This will be a lot of fun for wrestling fans and us as well!” 

About VOC Nation 

VOC Nation provides daily, interactive talk radio, geared toward the professional wrestling community. 

Notable show hosts include legendary pro wrestling journalist Bill Apter, former WWE/TNA star Shelly Martinez, former WWE and AWA broadcaster Ken Resnick, former WCW performer The Maestro, former TNA Impact talent Wes Brisco, Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Brady Hicks, independent pro wrestling and Fireball Run star Sassy Stephie, and more! 

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