AEW Dynamite Score 1/20

A weekly reacp and review of pro wrestling’s hottest new international promotion, All Elite Wrestling.

“No man has a good enough memory to be a successfful liar.”-Abraham Lincoln

The Inner Circle set their members against each other to find the number one contender to the tag straps. The best grouping is Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager…yep…Sammy Hager. I love puns.

Today, while watching the political stuff on TV, one of the people mispronounced the name of the new Vice-President. When I heard Kamala Harris, I couldn’t help but think of the legendary wrestler who left us, not too long ago, due to complications from his diabetes. Made me smile a bit to think about Jim “Kamala” Harris.

Roll the opening montage!

Tonight is -1’irthday. Happy Birhtday, lil Brodie.

The Dark Order came out to celebrate the little guy’s birthday. -1 came out with the group. The little guy is awesome as the new “leader” of the group. There was a sspecial birthday cake for the kid. Cool. Jon Silver took the stick to explain what was going on. There was a possible new recruit for their group…Adam Page. Silver got so excited about hte birthday and the cake. Silver had the crowd sing Happy Birthday to the youngster. That made me smile on a day when I’ve been down with a cold, all day. Lil Brodie was wearing his dad’s jackt.

Liuther and Serpentico came out to talk trash to Brodie, Jr.. Lither has an issue with the kid. Really? Luther kept insulting -1. Chaos Project does not like children. They promised to ruin the birthday. TH2 rushed out to start the fight.

TH2 and Chaos Project got annihilated by “Hangman” and the Dark Order.

John Silver, Adam Page, Colt Cabana and Alex Reynolds vs Serpentico, Luther, Jack Evans and Angelico
8 man tag team match

The announcers talked about how -1 ran a vicious promo on Luther, recently. I so like that kid. My shirts should be here on Friday. I will wear his daddy’s image with pride and honor.

All Hell broke loose as the 8 men hit the ring. “Handman” leapt onto a pile of bodies. Digging this. Double team on Angelico. Evans made the save. Tag to Dr. Luther, as he calls himself. Double Underhook Suplex for a two for Luther. Luther slammed his parner onto Jon. DOuble team on Silver. Serpentico came in and threw wild punches. Hammer Throw by the masked man. Silver with a hard kick. Tag to Page.

Adam laid out everyone in sight with kicks, punches and Spinebusters. Serpentico got a boot in but Page with a Belly to Belly. 2 coutn. It all broke loose. Colt got involved, as did Reynolds. Flying Apple by Colt. Page with a Fallaway Slam.He stumbled a bit on the Kip Up. That is a bear of a move to hit. I;ve tried.

The fight went tothe floor. Page with a Moonsault off the top onto Luther. Serpentico was thrwon back intothe ring. Wild Triple Man Fallaway onto Serpentico. Jeez.

Luther pushed Colt off the ropes. Superkick and DDT by Serpentico to Alex. Page sent Evans out into the crowd. Liuther went to put Colt into the cake. -1 distracted and Colt used a Flapjack to send Luther intot he cake. In the ring, Page worked with the Dark Order to hit the Buckshot Lariat.

Your WInners: Alex Reynolds, Adam Page, Colt Cabana and Jon SIlver
Dynamite Score: 85 out of a posssible 100

After the match, Silver got excited seeing little Brodie cracked Serpentico with the SIngapore Cane. He cut another fun promo about his birthday being 3 days ago. Silver praised Page and asked him to join their group. Heck, he went ot one knee, like a wedding invite. Page declined but they had signs saying “He Siad Yes”. A bit awkward. Page talked about how he has been in factions before and needed to go his own path. The fans were ticked off that he refused. He grabbed a bottle from Stu Grayson and headed tothe back. The Dark Order were confused and hurt.

Alex talked with Chris Jericho and MJF. They asked Alex to shut up. MJF didn’t want this to cause issues within the Inner Circle. Jericho said this will make them stronger. Jericho said they will move forward,no matter what. Jericho was certain that he and MJF will come out on top in this special challenge.

There is a remake of Walker, Texas Ranger. I will not waste my time. I hated the original.

Tony Schiavone was in the ring to talk with Darby Allin and Sting. Tony brought out Sting. I love Sting’s newe entrance. It is possible the best he has ever had. Tony then asked Darby Allin to join them.

The fans went wild for the young man. Tony handed the stick to Sting. Sting said Darby reminds him of himself and he like it. He wanted to congratulate the kid for being the champ. Sting said he wanted to make sure Darby had a fiar fight.

Taz interrupted to say Sting’s interference was baloney. Taz said Sting and Darby fight dirty. Taz said he was a street fighter, as are his men. Taz wants a Street Fight with the b*tches.

Sting and Darby chatted for a moment. Allin then told them to be careful what they asked for…it just might happen.

The Elite had a meeting, earlier. The Young Bucks were at Kenny Omega’s house for this little meeting. Nakazowa came out to greet Matt and Nick Jackson. They came up to find a painting of Don adn Kenny. Rather silly looking. Don came in and said it was for Omega’s birthday, which was months earlier. The Jacksons weren’t thrilled with Don’s sarcasm. Matt was ticked that Don changed things onthem, last week. Kenny was too busy for the brothers. Don said Kenny has changed his phonoe number because of people giving him a hard time. Don needed to clean the air. Callis asked Marvez to leave. Don made the cameraman leave, as well. Don mentioned the 12 year relationship with Omega. Don offered the brothers a check to try and buy them off. Nick didn’t like the bribe thing that DOn was pulling. Don said the Young Bucks were holding Omega back. Matt tore up the check and threw it in Don’s face. He called them blood suckers. Don pretended that hte Bucks attacked him.

“Pretty” Peter Avalon vs Cody Rhodes

Pete did his best Rick Rude impression, only without the physique of the late, great Rude. Almost embarrassed to admit he is from Nevada, my TRUE home. I’m ready to go back home, very soon.

Cody them came out with his “coach”, Arn Andrson. Cody calls Atlanta home, now. HIs brother and daddy were Texans but he was born on the East Coast.

CrossRhodes! We got Jade’s music. She strolled out to distract. She is not a pretty woman. Avalon with a Low Blow as the ref was dsitrced.  Avalon went after Cody’s knee. Peter yanked on the leg. Straight punches by Peter. Knife Edge but Cody came back to drop Avalon with the Uppercut. Peter jumped Cody, on the ropes. Superplex by Avalon. Wow. He surprised me.  Cody rolled out of the ring as we went to Picture in Picture.

Cody went tothe outside. Rhodes exploded on Avalon. Suplex by Avalon for a 1 count, barely. Sling Blade by Cody but Peter hit a Clothesline, as well.

They went to the corner. Cody was stumbling as Peter kicked the bad wheel. Cody kicked away at the upstart Avalon. Single Leg Crab by Peter. Cody reached the ropes, forcing the break. Cody tied upthe legs of Avalon but Peter kicked witht he free leg. Cody went to the apron. Avalon twisted Cody in the ropes. Thrust and Sunstet Flip for a near fall. Peter with a Scoop Slam. Punches to Cody’s face.

Avalon flew off the top but missed. Forearm Smash but Cody. Headbutt tothe knee as Cody went for a Leap Frog. Avalon with a Tope Suicida. Codhy landedonthe barricade. Cody Cutter, out of the blue, on his opponent. Flying Forearms by Cody. Peter tried some offense but he was out of gas. Cody ripped off his weight belt. Figure Four by Rhodes. Peter tried to roll over and did. Cody spun back around to add pressure. Peter slapped away at Cody. When Rhodes went to slap back, Peter tapped out to avoid a slap in the face. WTF?

Your Winner (by Submission): Cody Rhodes
Dynamite Score: 84.

FTR and Tully were happy to be the number one contenders. Jurassic Express came in to confront them. Jungle Boy knew he could beat either one of the FTR guys. Dax agreed to face Jungle Boy,next week. Luchasaurus will make sure noone gets out of line.

Jon Moxley’s music hit and the former AEW World CHampion strolled
through the arena. He wants revenge for a stolen title.

Jon Moxley vs Nick Comorato

Can we say “Squash”? I knew we could. Shove by Nick. Headbutt by Mox. Jon went wild on the caveman-looking grappler. Nick crashed into the corner. He caught Mox and hit a Running Powerslam. Elbow SMmash by Nick. Comorato is a student of the Nightmare Family. Nick stomped away at Moz, in the corner.

Knee Choke by Nick. This guy is a college grad. Running Side Breaker by Nick. He hit a 2nd one. On the 2nd one, he twisted the body of Jon. Mox went to the face. Discus Punch by Mox. Oshi Karoshi by Coronato. 2 count. I was wrong about hte whole Squash thing.

Nick crashed into the corner. Running Kicks by Jon. Mox wanted a Suplex but his back wouldn’t allow it. Clothesline by Mox had no effect. Sleeper by Mox. Nick passedout.

Your Winner (by Submission): Jon Moxley
Dynamite Score: 87

I give the young guy massive credit for proving me wrong in my prediction of a squash. I know better than that. This is NOT the 80s.

Mox asked for the stick. Jon knew things were getting crazy. All Mox wanted to focus on was Kenny Omega. He didn’t care that Kenny brought his buddies from Nashville. It just gave him more violnece to share with the fans. Mox promised to get back to the top, once again. All roads lead through Jon Moxley.

Dasha talked with Eddie Kingston and his group. Eddie will fight Lance Archer, next week. Eddie will not prepare. He will just fight. Lance adn Jake Roberts came up to get in Eddie’s face. Lance cut a promo much like his mentor, Jake, would. Jake went off on Eddie and told Kingston to keep his boysin the back. “Bite Me” was Jake’s exiting comment.

Alex tried to interview Omega, who dismissed him. Don had bruises on his face that set Kennyoff. Kenny was ready to kick the behinds of the Jacksons. Don “accidentally” slipped and said Matt and Nick did this to him. It is a set up, big time. I love Tony S’s comment “Matt and Nick kicked his *ss”.

Matt Sydal and Top Flight vs Matt Hardy and Private Party
Six Man Tag Team Match

Excalibur brought up how Private Party beat James Storm and Chris Sabin to become number one contenders tothe Impact tag titles. Yes, the OTHER ones. If you didn’t see it, Hardy whined that he and his brother never lost the straps, they were stripped off them.

Dante and Marq showed respect to start the match. Hip Tosses on both sides. Cartwheel into a Dropkick by Dante.  Double Dropkickk by Top Flight. These kids could be the next Rock and Roll Express. Leg Lariat by Sydal. Triple Team on Quen. 2 count.

Matt talked trash to his own partner. Marq is getting fed up with being treated like garbage. Marq exploded, as did Isiah Kassidy. Triple Drop Toe Hold into Half Crabs all around. Hardy hasn’t really wante dto play, just yet. Diving Crossbody but Sydal kicked out. Marq with wild stomps to his enemy. It was time for PiP.

Matt’s forceskept the pressure on their opponents. Corner SHoulders by Isiah. Matt finally got in the ring and hit a Hot Shot, in the corner. Hardy with solid punches ot one of he Top Ftlight brothers. Heard to tell which one. Jawbreaker to Matt. He quickly tagged out to Marq. Private Party kept punishing their foe, in the corner. Hardy came back in and went to town. Knee Strikes and CHops on Hardy. Isiah tagged back in and punched away. Snap Mare on Sydal. Top FLight got things rolling with a call for the fans to cheer on their friend and mentor. Tag back to Marq. Sydal escaped a Double Suplex, clocked Hardy and tagged out.  Darius with a Standing C4. Twist of Fate blcoked. Hardy was dumped. Darius with a wild Tope Suicida. Hardy’s head drilled barricade. Silly String avoided. European Cluch by Top Flight. Tag to Darius. Dante had tagged out but I missed it. Side Effect to Darius. Side Effect to Dante, as well. Sydal even got laid out with the Side Effect. Matt tried to pin all three of his opponents.  Kick by Marq to Sudal. Wicked Enziguri by Quen. Tag to Dante. Top Flight took out Hardy and Isiah. Marq got blasted. Rana but Hardy made the save. Hardy attacked Top Flight on the ropes. Chair by Isiah to Dante. Marq grinned at it. Shooting Star Press by Marq.

Your Winners: Private Party and Matt Hardy
Dynamite Score: 94

Great match. Kidos to all six men for one of the most exciting contests in some time.  Private Party attacked Top Flight and Sydal. Twist of Fate to Sydal and Dante. Tons of boos for Hardy and his crew.

Jericho and MJF came in. The members of the Inner Circle were readyt o get done over. MJF said Jericho is their leader and they will follow what Chris says. MJF said Sammy is his family and he respects him. He asked Sammy to calm down and have a great match and move on. MJF is ready to finish this whole thing. Sammy still doesn’t quite accept MJF.

Lela Hirsch vs Penelope Ford (w/her entourage)

Orange Cassidy was watching from the crowd. Penelope came out with Kip Sabian, Miro and “Charles” Taylor (the butler). Charles had to do Miro’s bidding until the wedding of  Kip and Penelope. Charles now wears a tux until early February.

They locked up and Hirsch with an Ankle Trip. Modified Gator Roll by Hirsch. Take Down by Lela. Ford with a Side Headlock. Ford kicked at the knee. Shoulder Tackle by Ford. I’ve had a knee injury, many years ago. They are bad. Taylor tripped Hirsch. Lela withthe Cross Armbreaker but Ford got tothe ropes. Lela went after Kip. Pump Kick by Ford, on the floor.

Ford was thrown into the barricade. We went PiP, again. Hirsch was pitched back intothe ring. Miro talked trash, though we couldn’t hear what he said. Lela was sent intothe corner and Ford with hard Forearms. High Knee by Ford. Lela was stunned, to say the least. Ford hopped over the opes and stomped on Lela. Orange just sat backa nd watched.
We went to a full set of commercials.

Ford with anear fall as wwe came back on. Lela tried to kick free. Ford punchedthe back. It just irritated her. Cat Fight! Lela blocked the Leg Lariat and hit a Running Knee Strike. Dead Lift German by Lela. Dang. Double Knees in the corner, followed by Dual Boots. Lela went up but got yanked down. Ax Kick avoided by Lala. Clothesline by Lela. Lela took out Kip and Charles with a Flip. Penelope pinned Lela but the ref didn’t see Lela’s foot on the ropes.

Your Winner: Penelope Ford
Dynamite Score: 79

Miro gave Charles a hard time, even though he said he wouldn’t go there. Miro needed Taylor to let go of the past. Miro told Charles to inform Orange that Miro was the Best Friend, now. Charles, looking like a young JBL, didn’t want to do it but had no choice. He said what he had to say. Orange just looked heart broken. Cassidy just walked away.

The Good Brothers attacked Penta, backstage. Kenny Omega was calling the shots. Karl choked Penta with a cable. Kenny drove a hard toe boot into Penta’s face. That was so bogus.

Beach Break is only two weeks away. it is going tob be epic, for sure.

Chris Jericho/MJF vs Santana/Ortiz vs Sammy/Hager
Inner Circle Tag Team CHallenge

Wardlow came out with CHris and Maxwell. Jericho looked like he raided the Road Warrior’s old locker room for that jacket. The crowd started singing Jericho’s theme, as usual. I’m hoping Santana and Ortiz win this. They are the better “team”. Jake and Sammy got a shout out from the “real” Sammy Hagar. Too funny. The “OTHER” Red Rocker (Tully was one, as well). The former LAX members came out erady to fight. I’m digging their music.

Sammy and MJF started this one. Jericho quickly tagged himself in. Collar and Elbow and they went tothe corner. Arm Wringer by Jericho. Chops and punches by Sammy. Dropkick by Sammy. Chris was stunned as he hit hte floor. Sammy faked out his leader and it madee Jericho grin, a little.

Chris was sent into Jake, who clocked Le Champion. Santana and Jake taggedin. Santana rocked Jake with Dropkicks. Ortiz taggedin. Double Back Drop Suplex. Jericho with a Blind Awesome. 2 count. TIme for PiP, once again.

Tag by Sammy. He went off on Ortiz. Sammy was sent down, off a Whip. Backslide off the Abdominal Stretch. sammy was off his game, just a bit, right now. 2 count. Stall Suplex for another near fall. Jericho walked around, strutting his stuff. KNife Edge by Chris.  He threw hard punches into his mentee.

Whip reversed by Sammya nd then by Chris. Guevara endedup on his back. Jericho’s face glowed bright red. Sammy pushed off the BUlldog. MJF didn’t wnat to bother with being in this match. Jake took out MJF, big time. I like that guy. I spent a lot of time up in Oklahoma. Sammy Cutter. Ortiz taggedin but got Clotheslined. Sammy with a hard Clothesline to Jericho. Flip Dive to the floor.

In 2 week, Penta, Moxley and Fenix will battle Omega, Gallows and Anderson in a six man match!

Sammy planted Ortiz but Santana blasted Guevara. MJF got planted by a Poison Rana. Spanish Fly by Sammy! Uno–Dos–Nada Mas.

Jericho gothe bat and Jake kicked the taste ou tof Chris’ mouth. Dang. MJF slid on the ring. Jake clocked him and knocked him out. Santana and Ortiz worked over Jake. Hager laid out both of the Latinos. Sammy got involved. Jericho tooka  tag. Powerbomb by MJF.  Lionsault by Chris for a deuce.

MJF came in to help Chris. Tag by Ortiz. Double team on Chris for a two. Code Breaker by Jericho. 2 plus count. MJF took the tag. Headbutt by MJF. Double DDT by Ortiz.. Jake came in and hit the Hager Bomb. Sammy with a wild Senton. 1-2-Oritz made the save. Knee Strike to  Jericho. GTS by Sammy to Chris. MJF was sent into Wardlow. MJF used the trunks to roll up Sammy.

Your WInners: MJF and Chris Jericho
Dynamite Score: 95

Match of the Night: inner Circle Tag Team Match


–Jay, Red and Mama Dee

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