Impact Score 1/26

The Impact Score

A weekly recap and review of the Tuesday Night Sensation that has run for close to 2 decades…Impact Wresttling.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Red amd Mama Dee

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”-Wayne Dyer

The crossover between Impact and AEW contined, this week. Takes me backt ot he old days of the JLA/JSA comic crossovers, once a year. Plus, Scott D’Amre has a HUGE surprise for the locker room and us.

We started with a look at the “invasion” by Matt Hardy and Private Party. They defeated James Storm and Chris Sabin to earn a shot at the Good Brothers’ tag betls.. Jerry Lynn helped the AEW group win. It broke down into total chaos as Gallows and Anderson also got involed.

Roll the opening montage!

Rich Swann danced out to the ring. He askeed Tommy Dreamer to join him in the ring. Tommy looked ready for a fight. Rich said what he wanted to do was give Tommy the ultimate 50th birthday present…a shot at the Impact World title. Feb. 13th is Tommy’s birthday and also the night ofthe next big PPV. So, he wants to face Dreamer.

Before Tommy could answer, Several wrestlers came out to confront the champ. Sami Callahan, Chris Bey, Moose, Willie Mack and Ken Shamrock interrupted. It broke down into a cmpletely mess. The faces were beaten down by the heels.

After a break, WIllie, Tommy and Rich went to Scott’s office. They want a match, later on.. Scott said they were in anumeric disadvantage. Even though he wasn’t a math wizard like Scott Steiner (he said it, not me), he could do the simple math to make this a bit more even. He opened his office door to show their fourth partner. While we couldn’t see who it was, the Faces were tickled pink. Who could it be?

Matt Cardona and Josh Alexander vs Madman Fulton and Ace Austin

Josh and Fulton started. Fulton used his power to counter moves against his legs and ankles. Josh was thrown into the enemy corner. Ace took the tag and went to town. Josh went all Rick Steiner by hitting the Powerslam off the Leap Frog. Matt took the tag. Flapjack by the former Zack Ryder. Josh flipped Matt up and over and onto both foes. We headed to break.

Double team by Josh and Matt. Ace and Fulton came back to double team Josh. Josh was thrown into the corner. Ace with a Side Headlock. Corner Shoulders by Ace. Snap Mare and Ace prevented Josh from tagging out. Fulton did tag in for their team. More double teaming. Near flall for the Madman. Boot Choke by the Ohioan. Josh was slammed into the corner. Corner Splash by Fulton for a two. Matt made the save. Tag back to Ace.

Josh kickeed Fulton into Ace. Tag to Cardona. Matt went off on both fores. Wild Missile Dropkick. Matt Striker actually brought up Mikey Whipwreck. Smile. Springboard Splash by Matt for a near fall. Fulton saved the day. Tag to Fulton. Goozle into a Corenr Throw. Madman stomped away until Josh grabbed the big man. Josh and Fulton slugged it out, even though Josh wasn’t the legal man. Ripcord by Josh. Famouser by Cardona on Fulton to take this one to the barn.

Your Winners: Matt Cardona and Josh Alexander
Impact Score: 88 out of a possible 100

Fron Genesis 2011

RVD vs Matt Hady

This was during the Hogan era of TNA. Taz and MIke Tenay called the match. We didn’t see any action.

Rohit Raju cut a promo  about fighting TJP. He had someone in mind to assit him. We never saw who he was talking with but I have a pretty good idea who it was.

The Tonys (Schiavone and Khan) were back for another “commercial”. They pushed Private Paery, as well as their own show…which is on Wednesdays….just in case you didn’t know.

Bryan Myers called Matt Cardona “My Jannetty”. Nasty attitude.

Brain Myers vs Eddie Edwards

Brian was patched up over his left eye. . Red just saw Eddie’s shoes and decided I needed some like that.

The match started and they went to the ropes. Collar and Elbow into a Hammerlock. Rope break. Eddie was still messed up from the barbed wire match, recently. Brian punched away and threw a hard knee. Inverted Atomic Drop into a Belly to Belly. Eddie flew out of the ring. Eddie threw Brian in the rng but Myers slid out and attacked. Eddie was thrown into the ring post, as they got back in the ring.

Brian stomped away on the injured arm. Boot Choke by Brian. Suplex to rock Eddie. 2 count. Modified Shinu Numaki. Elbow Smashes to the neck. Eddie Elbowed free and hit Knife Edges. Brian slid out of the ring and tripped Eddie on the way through.

Brian kept stomping the hurt arm and shoulder. 2 count, again. Brian slapped at Eddie and then kicked him. Eddie with a Clothesline. Back Elbow by Brian. Backpack Stunner! Kick out at two.

Double Underhook but Brian broke it. Dropkick and Flapjack by Myers. 2 count. The bandage came off and Brian kept beating on the wound. Eddie tore at Brian’s eyes. The ref called for the bell as Eddie began to gnaw on Myers’ head.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Brian Myers
Impact Score:75

Tasha and Kiera talked about their upcoming Fest. I hate this team. They were trying to mkae this show a success. Johnny Swinger came by and it looks like he might get used to help the party succedd. OH, Puh-lease.

Matt Hardy talked with Marq Qren and Isaiah Kassidy. Matt kept trying to motivate his crew. Private Party MIGHT have a change to hold both the Impact and AEW tag belts. Matt decided to put a Bounty on the two title holder teams. He told his ment to get their minds right.

Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleg with a K) vs Rosemary (w/Crazzy Steve)

Steve is one of my current favorite wrestlers. We both make our dreams come true, despite issues with our vision. I respect him so much for that.

Side Slam by Rosemary. Rosemary punched away. Kaleb throughthe camera bag in and she bashed Rosemary with it. 2 count. I would have been aggravated if that would have casued the iwn. Dashwood punched and kicked away on the odd girl. Neckbreaker in the ropes by Tenille. Kaleb slapped at Rosemary, who punched him. Kaleb rolled Rosemary back in the ring for a near fall. Hrad punches by Tenille.

Whip by Rosemary but Rosie with a Back Elbow. Tarantula! Rosie went up top and waited. Missile Dropkick missed. Crossbody, in the corner, by Tenille. 1-2-no.

Matt brought up that Tuesday was the anniversary of when Andre turned on the most famous champion of all time. Full Nelson by Tenille. Rosie got free and hit a Clothesline and Sling Blade. T-Bone Suplex. Double Underhook Cutter to end this one.

Your WInner: Rosemary
Impact Score: 85

Larry D was bck and still upset. He was ready to hurt Rosemary. Instead, he went off on Crazzy Steve. Acey held him back from hitting a woman.

At Swinger’s Palace, Fallah Bahh was getting ripped off. Tasha and Kiera recruited Johnny and his grils to help them out.

Deonna, Kimber and Susan were talking treash. Jazz and Jordynne came in and tried to mess with Susan/Susie/Su. Susan stepped up and said she was going to challenge Jordynne, one on one, next week.

Fire and Flava Fest

Another joyful waste of tv time. I’m using this time to enjoy a good dinner from my favorite two favorite ladies. Liver, mac and cheese, green beans and taters. Yep, I’m a Southern boy.

This reminds me of a night when my teen band ended up going to a Hillbilly Bar to play metal. The lack of enthusiasm, then like now, was deafening in its silence. The Swinger Grils looked like something out of a 80s Robert Palmer music video. Nevaeh and Havoc came out to bring this crap to an ending.

James Storm and Chris Sabin were talking over Matt Hardy and his guys. Chris couldn’t believe how Storm could drink.

Kiera and Tasha were still ticked off. The ref wanted a refund but he dind’t get it. That will bite them in the behind, down the road.

Joe Doering (w/VbD) vs Cousin Jake

Jake tore into Joe but didn’t get far. Joe with a brtual Elbow Drop. Punch by Joe. Scoop Slam into an Elbow Drop. Joe choked Jake on the middle rope. Eric Young talked trash and Jake  swung at him. Joe missed a Crossbody but Jake ducked. Jake flrew over the top but tweaked his ankle on the landing. Joe crashedin the corner.  Corner Spear by Jake. Crossbody/Eraser by Joe. Jake punched away but it had no effect. Chokeslam by Joe. Fireman’s Carryinto a Death Valley Driver into a Lariat.

Your WInner: Joe Doering
Impact Score: 88

Violent by Design worked together to try and destroy Jake. Eric called off the troops at the last moment. Eric threw a VbD bandana on Jake. Does he want him to join?

Moose, Sami Callahan, Chris Bey and Ken Shamrock vs Willie Mack, Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann…and…Trey Miguel
8 Man Tag Team Match

Trey has a new look. Rich told them to bring it. Chris Bey tagged imself in, off Moose. That ticked off the former footballer. Tommy tagged in and worked the arm. Chris flipped around to get free. Tag to Rich. Double team on Bey. Nice.

Sami was legal as we came off break.  Rich blocked the Package Piledriver. Tilt-a-Whirl Slam on Sami. Samoan Drop by Willie. Kip Up. That is so had to do…I’ve tried. Shamrock took the tag and explodedon Mack. Sami came back in and waited . COorner Shoulder by Sami. Moose tagged in and tore at Willie’s face. Willie was thrown into multiple boots.  Bey with a Rope Assisted Kick. Willie woke up and blasted Bey, over and over. Sami came in and went after Willie’s bad knee. Inidan Death Lock-like move by Sami.

Moose came back in and Headbutted the ribs of Willie. Moose took shots at all over his opponents. Pop Up POwerbomb by Moose. Moose used Bey to slam onto Willie. 2 count.

Willie blasted Bey and crawled towardshis corner. Hot Tag to Trey. Trey took out everyone. He exploded on Sami. Inveted Atomic Drop into a Mandible Claw. Stunner! He avoided Ken Shamrock. Belly to Belly by Ken. Rich with a Paradise Kick on Shamrock. Sami with the Fast Powerbomb. CUtter by Tommy. Springboad Cutter by Bey. Moose with a SPaer to Willie. Missile Dropkick by Trey.  Exploder  Suplex by Sami. Rana into a pin.

Your Winners; Trey Miguel, Tommy Dreamer, Willie Mack and Rich Swann
Impact Score: 94

Ken Shamrock attacked the ref and put himi in the AnkleLock. Other refs rushed out to break it up. They failed.  


–Jay, Mama Dee and Red

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