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  • “Greek God” Papadon, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, and many others join the cast in discussing everybody’s favorite film.

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  • new Force Order Episode 51: Bob gets the ax!

    Big news!!! Uncle Bob Iger gets the boot and is no longer CEO of Disney. Project Luminous finally is revealed and it’s an interesting new concept. Are the guys happy with it? Will it be over in all platforms? Chewbacca mode on the falcon ride at Disney Has been uncovered? Does Spiro still do the worst Chewie impersonation? On this week’s Who’s More OVER we pit the two greatest light saber battles against each other. Obi Wan vs Anakin from Revenge of the Sith VS Luke vs Vader from Return of the Jedi. which one of these two epic and heartbreaking saber duels is more OVER? On TaTOYine doc does some follow up on a few figures he got graded and makes Spiro explode with joy by reviewing a Darth (not canon) Revan figure. Join the cause and fight side by side with the nFo.

  • new Force order Episode 50: A Novel Idea!

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    This weeks guest is prolific Star Wars novel writer John Jackson Miller. He’s written many Star Wars books like A New Dawn and Kenobi among many other books in the Star Trek and Halo genre. John is insanely knowledgeable about all things Star Wars and Sci-Fi gets into the inner workings on how he does what he does. On this week’s Who’s More OVER a battle you thought you would never see! Not a hoax! Puppet Yoda Vs CGI Yoda! Who’s the better Yoda? TaTOYine dips into a Galaxy’s edge exclusive 4 pack that doc grabbed last month. This one’s gonna be a page turner! Don’t miss it!

  • new Force order Episode 49: Forbidden Love Boat!

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    No guest this week just the bros talking Star Wars. New Vader comic has a super surprise ending and we speculate about that. Are we getting a Star Wars themed hotel/starship/Love boat in the Disney park? You better reserve a room now! Star Wars rumors at the Oscars with directors and actors are discussed. The boys let Papadon take them on a conspiracy tangent on evolution and corona virus. Who’s More OVER Is a battle of the species as the Zabraks face off against the Twi’leks. Doc shows off a new Toy Haul on TaTOYine. Get on board with the nFo and buckle up. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride!

  • new Force Order Podcast Episode 48: Galaxy Impact!

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    Special guest Rohit Raju superstar of Impact Wrestling stops by to join the fellas on this weeks episode. We talk all the news that’s come out this week and quickly Rohit fits right into the crew! Another chapter of The Star Wars Kama Sutra entices and Who’s More OVER pits the two most underused groups in the Disney trilogy as the Knights of Ren square off against the Praetorian Guards. On TaTOYoine Doc gives an ancient sith tip on how to save money on toys and review some vintage trilogy collection figures he got on the cheap from Target. See if you can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs with the New Force Order.

  • new Force Order Episode 47. Doc at Galaxy’s Edge!

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    Finally one of the crew made it to Galaxy’s Edge! Doc went to Disney Land and reports all the stuff he did (and didn’t do). Special guest Kenny aka Darth Skippy joins the crew this week to talk about the Star Wars universe. More discussion on the alternate script for Episode 9 and the troubles with the Kenobi series. Who’s More OVER looks to put two strong female characters at odds with each other. The Mandalorian’s Cara Dune goes head to head with Rebels’ Hera Syndulla. Doc reviews a legacy saber be picked up at Galaxy’s Edge. Your boys in the nFo are ready to jump into the garbage chute to save their skins? Are you fan enough to join?

  • new Force order Podcast Episode 46: N-Obi wan!???!

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    Did Disney cancel the Obi Wan series? We sure hope not. Rumors on who may be asked to direct a future Star Wars film gets the crew very excited. Doc dredges up a memory 21 years old and brings it to the show. Who’s More OVER puts old vs new Anakin Skywalker force ghost against each other. Which ghost haunts you more!?? We go WAYYYY back on TaTOYine with some classic vintage and neo-vintage figures. Grab your lightsaber and jump into the Geonosis area with ya boys in the nFo!

  • new Force order Podcast – Episode 45: Alternate Episode 9 script!

    Posted on by VOC Nation

    Reddit has dropped another bomb. A completely different script of the Rise of Skywalker has been leaked. How does the story differ and would it have been a better film?? Find out! Josh from the Den of Nerds stops by and we talk the galaxy far far away. More news and thoughts on the possibility of the Old Republic come out. Guess who’s excited?? On this week’s Who’s More OVER it’s single bladed vs double bladed light saber. Which would you want to wield and why? On TaTOYine this week we look at one of Doc’s expensive Christmas presents that the guys helped his wife pick out. Jump into the Taun Taun guts with Spiro, GGP, Doc, the nFo (and Josh)!

  • new Force order Podcast – Episode 44: Release the JJ Cut!

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    This week a bomb dropped on Reddit about a potential JJ Abrams cut of the Rise Of Skywalker. Why? Who? When? Where? The fandom is up in arms and the crew wants to see this longer, deeper cut. Josh from Den of Nerds no sold us tonight and bailed on joining us, we bust his balls anyway! News leaked on how they filmed some Leia scenes and who stood in for her in some spots. Who won the Pre-Episode 9 bet?? Who’s More OVER this week looks at two badass ships as Darth Vader’s Tie Advanced faces off against Kylo Ren’s Tie Silencer. We get to see a closer look at the Funko pop Knights Of Ren on this weeks TaTOYine. Join the nFo innovation will be a great Star Wars New Year!

  • New Force Order nFo Episode 43: Post Rise News!

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    This week there is a ton of news. Disney CEO Bob Iger is super hot on Favreau and Filoni, will they get the Star Wars ball in the future? So many new movie and show rumors for the foreseeable future! Is Rose Tico getting a show?? You wouldn’t believe who hope so. Who do the guys want to see on The Mandalorian season 2? Will Papa George return??? We all hope so! In this weeks Who’s More OVER we compare some scoundrel crews as Beckett’s crew from solo takes on Mayfield’s crew from the Mandalorian. Who’s the crew that’s over with you? On TaTOYine Doc reviews some vintage collection and black series figures.