Bill Apter Review of the Diamond Dallas Page Inspiring Documentary — RELENTLESS

I have known Diamond Dallas Page since 1990. There was an instant “click” that has made us lifelong friends. I love people who self-promote and actually come through with what they are marketing. DDP markets himself.

The latest promotional piece in DDP’s amazing life is a documentary titled Relentless. It’s currently on Amazon Prime. It showcases what Page’s DDP Yoga has done worldwide for people.

The people are the stars of this masterpiece. From clients who could barely walk, to elderly citizens who had given up on doing even simple bodily functions like walking, to military service veterans, the lives he has changed is so truly inspiring. Even superstar wrestlers like Chris Jericho began paying attention and swears that DDP Yoga got rid of his years of pain and made him into a pain-free athlete. It’s like the fabled religious guru who vows to heal the near disabled — but DDP Yoga actually does!

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Mark Mero, Page’s ex-wife Kimberly, and so many more to sing the praises of DDP Yoga during this fascinating look at a total life-altering experience for multi-thousands of people around the globe.

I shed a happy tear or two when I saw how he brought Jake “The Snake” Roberts from mental and physical despair to being able to perform physically, get him into a good mindset, and lead him to the night he inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

I was totally enthralled by Relentless. It documents such a wonderful real-life tale. I’ve seen DDP Yoga in action — in person — and the way he and his program inspire both physically and mentally are nothing short of amazing. Empowering people is the key message of Relentless.

It’s a documentary, you will love and the ultimate “Bang” when it comes to showing how people can change their lives if they get that spark — and DDP perfectly ignites that spark into a Positive Page explosion!

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