Losing Andrade, And Why It Hit Me Hard

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I cannot figure out exactly why WWE cutting Andrade has hit me so hard. Sure, I was a fan. Andrade has undeniable talent, a long-cultivated pedigree, and a body of work that would put many main-eventers’ resumes to shame.

But still, this is WWE, and nothing should surprise me.

Andrade is certainly not the first “can’t-miss” prospect to fall short and find himself on the outside of Titan Towers. I think it’s more that, currently, the company has the largest overall roster of any wrestling promotion in history, with a weekly churnout of shows totaling more hours than any of its past or present competitors. Pair that with the company’s directive to find its next Latin American star – Rey Mysterio is not getting younger – and it seems so counter-intuitive that Andrade could get the whole “we’ve got nothing for you” line.

Perhaps part of my frustration is because I know so much about him; I recently profiled Andrade for a much-researched piece in Pro Wrestling Illustrated. His release angers me in that so many others with considerably less talent are allowed to stay and even prosper.

Andrade has main-event potential. Think an alternate Alberto El Patron who is so much more liked and respected by his peers.

Why a legit bi-lingual CMLL and NJPW star who had seemingly made a smooth transition to the WWE “style” with no hiccup? Why a man who turned in a MOTY contender in 2018, followed it up with an engagement to WWE’s favorite legacy Charlotte Flair, and essentially carried Raw during a number of episodes early on in the pandemic? His partnership with Angel Garza was natural and flawless, and furthermore a singles run with the US or IC title seemed so logical it was automatic.

At least it should have been.

In the real world, obviously, things do not always shape out the way we expect. I won’t pretend to know what happened with Andrade backstage. I wasn’t there. I won’t pretend to begin to comprehend how a man with so much potential and talent – coincidentally when WWE is seeking a face for its Hispanic market presentation – could stumble as he as.

No doubt, Andrade will never fall by the proverbial “wayside” when he returns to action … somewhere.

I just hate that his chances were cut short before we really got to see what could have been with WWE.

What are your thoughts on the release? And should Andrade head to AEW or back to Japan or Mexico? Let me know at brady@vocnation.com.

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