Raw Score 1/25

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Red and Mama Dee

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”-Mahatma Ghandi

The Royal Rumble is this coming Sunday. There are a lot of predictions floating around as to what will happen. I have my own predictions.

Drew McIntyre loses to Goldberg, who immediately drops the belt to Miz.
Seth Rollins returns to win  the Men’s  Rumble Match.
Taya Valkerie, maybe under a new name, debuts and takes rhe Rumble.
Roman Reighs defeats Kevin Owens to continue his run as the big champ on Friday Nights.

I am so ready for this show. I’m wrapped in my big comfy blankie (because of this darn old). I have a huge bowl of Tortilla Soup and a frozen drink from my and Red’s favorite lil convience store.

Roll the opneing montage!

Drew McIntyre returned after a health scare. I love the Claymore Sword. Did fencing in college and I have a thing for swords nd such. Drew made his way down tothe ring. Goldberg was scheduled to come out for a face to face with the champ. Drew said it felt so good to be back home on Raw. He thanked the fans for their Get Well Wishes. He had some symptoms of The Virus, but he overcame it. Drew said he would not be taking Goldberg lightly. He brought up Goldy’s 173-0 run in WCW. Drew also mentioned those top stars that Goldberg has defeated. Drew was determined to end Goldberg’s Streak.

Miz came out with his buddy, John Morrison. Miz compated the WWE match to Godzilla vs Kong. Would that make Miz…Mothra? Miz brought up the possibility of injury to one or both. Miz said the winner of that match will be a Sitting Duck for Miz. Ok, the “Core-rect” thing is so stale.  Miz was certain he would be the new champ at the end of the night.

The music hit and Bill Goldberg emerged from the back. Drew wasn’t all that impressed with the legendary grappler. He did his old entrance and stared at all three men in/around the ring.

Bill told Drew that Mac was next. Miz and Morriosn got involved. Spear and Claymore and the Dirt Sheet was wiped clean. Cool stare down between the two men.

So, Sunday, we will have ahouse full for the Rumble. Sunny, Rey, Red, Niecy, Mama Dee, me and maybe another friend or two may sit around our living room for this kick off to Wrestlemania Season.

Charly talked wtih Charlotte Flair about dealing with Shayna Baszler, tonight. Flair said the performs best under pressure. Flair said she will both defend the tag belts and go into the Runble. Charly brought up Lacey Evans and Ric Flair. Charlotte knew her dad was in one of his darkest places. Flair had to stay focused on Shayna.

Charlotte Flair vs Shayna Baszler

Nia Jax came out with Shayna. There was no sign of Asuka, because she has a Women’s (singles) title match, later on.

Side Hedlock by Charlotte. Shayna broke free. Flair sent Shayna into the corner. Flair Dropkicked Nia, through the ropes. The Clutch by Shayna but Flair got free. Big Boot intoth e Figure Four. Nia came in and hit a Legdrop.

Your WInner( by Disqualification): Charlotte Flair
Raw Score: 83 out of a possible 100

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke rushed down. Lacey Evans also got involved. I smell a six woman tag match, after the break.

Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose and Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler
Six Women Tag Team Match

I was right. Lacey did the Flair Strut to insult CHarlotte. Arm Bar by Mandy but Lacey reversed it. Side Headlock Takeover on Lacey. Flair patted her butt to insult Lacey. Push Off by Lacey but she got a Boot tothe ribs. Tag to Dana.

Double Suplex by the Blonde Bombshells. Dana decked Lacey and flexed. 2 count. Front Face Lock by Dana. Cartwheel Thrust Kick by Dana for a two. Lacey took off at warp speed when Flair tagged in.

Shayna were back to fighting each other. Charlotte crashed in the corner and Shayna exploded. Flair countered with deadly Flair Chops. Fallaway Slam by Flair. She clocked Lacey and went back to Shayna. Tag back to Dana. Double Team by the Blondes. Dana became legal and went off on Shayna. Dana showed respet fo Charlotte with Flair Chops. Charlotte and Syana went to the floor but only Charlotte got back in, before the 10 count.

Your Winners (by Count Out): Charlotte Flair, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose
Raw Score: 85

Temptation ISland is back. And TV goes straight to Hades.  NXT looks great, this week. Digging MSK over there.

They restarted the tag match? Adam Pearce went ahead and restarted the match. h for crying out loud…

Six Woman Tag Match.

NIa ran through Dana. Flair made the save. Lacey took the tag and worked over Dana. 2 count. Lacey stomped on the hand of Dana, multiple times. Tag to Shayna. She worked the ribs of Dana and SNap Mared her outofhte corner. Yakuza Kick by Baszler. 2 count. Shayna worked over Dana’a arm and elbow. Nia came in and applied a Shina Numaki/ Dana fought freebut Nia blocked mutliple offense moves. SHe went forthe Double Ldeg Drop but Dana moved. Tags to Laceya nd Mandy. Rose went wild on Lacey. Pump Knee Strike by Mandy. All the women got invovled with various finishers. Lacey and Flair went othe floor nad ran out ofthe arena. . Tag to Dana. Dana witha  Rolling Neckbereaker after Flair and Lacey rushed otthe back. Nia with a vicious Uranage and Legdrop.

Your WInners: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler and Lacey Evans
Raw Score: 83

The announcers discussed the feud between Xavier Woods and Retiribution. We saw a few  video messages from Mustafa Ali. Ali has issues with Kofi KIngston, who took his spot, a year ago.

Slapjack vs Xavier Woods

Woods tore into the masked Aussie, right at the bell. Springboard Bulldog by Slappy. Cravat and stomps on Woods. Slap jack wentup top and jumped off. Woods went wild on the masked man. I stand corrected. The Ali/Kofi thing is TWO years in the making. Woods laidout Slapjack. European Uppercut by Jack. Honro Roll by Woods. 2 count.

Ali ordered his forces to distract Woods. Woods nailed a wicked Shining Wizard.

Your WInner: Xavier Woods
Raw Score: 78

Woods was manhandle by the rogue group. Stereo Uranage by Mace and T-Bar. Jack brought ALi a steel chair. ALi hesitated to crack Ali witht he chair. Ali opened the chair and asked for a stick as he sat down. Ali cut a promo on Woods callinghim a peasant. Ali wanted Woods to deliver the message that he knew Woods will not be in the Rumble and Ali will take Kofi’s place, jsut as Kingston did to him, two years ago.

Matt Riddle ran into R-Truth, backstage. Last week was Truth’s birthday and he knew the Hurt Business had a present for him…24 gold carrots. Truth will spllit them with Riddle. Huh?

Bad Bunny will perform on Sunday. Honsetly, I have no clue who they are.

The Hurt B usiness came out for…

The VIP Lounge:

MVP took the stick and did his typical intro. MVP was stoked about the Royal Rumble and the various after parties. MVP brought up the Gauntlet Match and how crafty Riddle can be. MVP went off on Cedric.

Lashley took over and said MVP believes in them so they will not disappoint their leader. Cedric cut off SHelton and mentioned a present for MVP. They gave MVP a present…a new gold necklace. It read “T-H-B”. MVP was dumbstruck by their genersity.

R-Truth interrupted the group. MVP didn’t understand why the 24/7 champ was there. Truth thought the pendant meant “Truth..Happy BIrthday”. Lashley went towards the ring but hte crew attacked.  It boke down into complete chaos. The Hurt Business destroyed everone in sight. Riddle with a Final Flash to MVP, out of nowhere. Riddle danced to tick off MVP andhis men.

We flashed back to last year’s Rumble, when Edge returned after a nine year retirement. He will have an update for us, shortly. From what I’ve heard, it is impressive.

R-Truth wanted to chat with Adam Pearce. Truth wants to be in the Money in the Bank match (I think he meant Rumble). A.J. Styles came upand said he was willing tohelp Truth (his old buddy). The interview got all kinds of weird. Pearce said he might considr it, if Truth does well against Styles. Truth started rambling about a beat up old car as Styles and Olmos just walked away.

The announcers sent us backt othe opeing segment with Miz/Morrison, Goldberg adn McIntyre. I was anticipating a tag match, but I guess it won’t happen.

Sheamus vs John Morriosn

Sheamus went right after Morrison. Side Headlock Takeover by Sheamus but John converted it into an Arm Bar. Knee Strike blocked by the Celtic Warrior. Front Face Lock by Sheamus. Hammerlock by Fire Face (Sheamus). Miz cheered on his partner. Headlock by Sheamus but John kicked out. Front Face Lock, again, by John. Shoudler Tackle by Sheamus. Roll Up by John. Roll Up by Sheamus. Rear Chin Lock by Sheamus.

They ended up in the ropes. John with wild strikes and kicks. Sheamus re versed a Whip but ate a hard kick. Back Body Drop by Sheamus. Sheamus kept kicking John and hit European Uppercuts. John threw a hard Forerarm. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Morrison won the Rumble adn Miz cashed in. Those two might square off at Mania, with Maryse adn Taya in their corner of their individual hubbies. Irish Curse Backbreaker by SHeamus. Morrison hit a Knee as Sheamus flew off the ropes. Dang.

Sheamus ended  up on the floor. John pitched Sheamus back in the ring. Dragon Screw by Morrison. Sheamus kicked out easily. Morrison stayed on the bed leg. John spun over Sheamus and punched away. Leg Lock by Morrison. Sheamus dragged himself tothe ropes. John stayed on the leg. Morrison dropped all his weighton the shin of the Dubliner. Sheamus with Back Elbows to break free. Leg Drops, from the canvas, by Sheamuus. Double Sledge by Sheamus. Morrison escaped White Noise. Chop Block by John. Sheamus caught Morrison and hit a Spinning Uranae for a two.

Sheamus went after the legs and stomped the tummy of John. Cloverleaf with kicks to John’s lower back. Morriosn barely made it to the ropes. Sheamus was limping, badly. Snap over the ropes by Morriosn. White  Noise!

Your WInner: Sheamus
Raw Score: 90

Miz freaked out at the loss. Miz decided to set up a Handicap Match. Sheamus was cool with it. He told Miz to bring it. We needed some ads, first.

Sheamus vs John Morrison and The Miz
Handicap Match

Miz and Morrison went off on Sheamus but the Celtic One fought back, big time. Chop Block to the leg, followed by a DDT. John and MIz kept stomping on Sheamus. Tons of double teaming on Sheamus. 2 count. Sheamus was exhausred, at this point. Miz stomped away and choked away on Sheamus. Crescent Kick by Morriosn. Sheamus was sent over the ropes. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Miz. John flipped up over the ropes to lay out Sheamus. That was just pretty. Sheamus was sent into the barricade. Running Kick to Sheamus’ face. Sheamus was tossed back intothe ring. Miz went up top and waited. Ax Bomber by Miz to drop Sheamus. Sheamus began to fight back but John with vicious kicks. Miz got his kicks in, as well. Kicks and Punches by the former tag champs. Miz was dropped by Sheamus. Sheamus clutched at his left knee. Double Sledges by Sheamus to Morrison. Bombs Away to plant Morrison onto Miz. Sheamus staggered and went for the 10 Beats on both foes. Morrison had acciedentally taken out his own partner.

Sheamus went up top and flew down to lay out Miz and Morrison. Miz was sent back into the ring. Sheamus set for the Brogue Kick but John grabbed the leg. Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Morrison but Miz slipped in and naield the Skull Crushing Finale.

Your Winenrs: Miz and John Morrison
Raw Score: 90

Ric Flair was “training” Lacey Evans. Charlotte came in and dismissed her. She read her daddy the riot act for his behavior. Lacey snick in and took out Charlotte. Flair did stand between them but left with Lacey.

R-Truth vs A. J. Styles

Olmos was with Styles for this consideration match. They mentioned Gronk, a former 24/7 champ, will be in the Super Bowl. Not a footbacll fan.

Truth was intimidated by the huge Olmos. Running Kick on Truth.  Styles took Truth tothe corner and then thrhew him into the opposite corner. Truth with a solid right to Styles’ face. A.J. worked over Truth’s leg. Side Backbreaker by Styles. A.J. was thrown over the ropes. Drop Toe Hold by Styles, who was mad. Truth stared at the big man, Olmos. Truth flipped Styles ontot he apron> Truth dodged the Forearm. Truth went all John Cena on Styles. Five Knuckle Shuffle. Calf Crusher by Styles.

Your WInner (by Submission); A.J. Styles
Raw Score: 75

We looked back at how Alexa Bliss burned Randy Orton, recently. Randy has been wearing a burn mask since taking a fireballt o the face.

Alexa cut a brutal promo from her Playground.. She was pleased at the damage she caused…or THEY caused. She giggled at the site of Orton. Alexa then turned to discussing her issues with Asuka. Alexa talked about her “trick” of switching personas, mid match. Bliss wanted to win a shiny new toy (Women’s title). Bliss did not want to play nice, tonight. I’m digging the Psucho Chick gimmick. She also used Bray’s voice to asy”Let me In”.

Gauntlet Match

#1-Riddle vs Shelon Benjamin

Riddle with kicks on Benjamin. Riddle exploded on the tag champ.  Riddle escaped a Belly to Belly Suplex and nailed hte Overhead Kick.  Shelton blocked the Knee Strike and powered down Riddle for a near fal. Torture Rack by Shelton to put Riddle on the top rope. Running Knee Strike to the ribs. Scoop Slam by Shelton. 2 count. Seated Abdominal Stretch on Riddle. Riddle fought to his feet and punched away. Kitchen Sink by Shelton. 2 count.

Full Mount Punches by Shelton. Punt by Benjamin. Riddle dropped down to avoid a Suplex. Running Knee Strike by Shelton. 1-2-no.

MVP talked trash to the former MMA star. Rear Chin Lock by Shelton. Reverse Bear Hug by Shelton. Standing Kimura but Riddle locked in a Guillotine. Shelton treid to SUplex but Riddle with a Knee Strike. Roll Up and reversal. Kick out. Cedric messed that up. MVP told Cedric to do nothing. Roll Up by Riddle.

#2-Riddle vs MVP

MVP had to calm his tag champs down. The bell rang and Riddle got a Heel Hook.

#3-Riddle vs Cedric Alexander

Cedric attacked at the bell and hit a Gutbuster. riddle was in serious pain. Seated Abdominal Stretch by Cedric. Kicks by Riddle. Running Forearm by Riddle. Cedric nailed a wild Dropkick to lay out Riddle. 2 count, only. Shelton yelled at his tag partner, as did MVP. Standing Abdominal Stretch on Riddle. Riddle reached the ropes to force the break. 2 count.

Reverse Bear Hug by Cedric but Riddle with Back Elbows to escape. Cedric reveresed a move into a DDT. Another near fall. MVP told his man to finish this so they could leave. Kicks and Strikes by Riddle. PK missed. Bro-Ton failed. Cedric worked the ribs of Riddle until  Matt hit strikes and a Dead Lift Suplex. Brainbuster by Cedric to get another near fall. MVP was freaking out that Cedric hdn’t gotten through this, yet.

Stomps by Cedric. Cedric flew off the ropes nad ended up in a Triangle Choke. Cedric had a tuoght time breakingthe hold. Roll Up!

Your Winner: Riddle
Raw Score: 85

The Hurt Business was livid at the loss. Riddle said ie was just a matter of time. Lashley rushed out and attacked Riddle. Hurt Lock! MVP got up in Riddle’s face.

We looked back at Edge vs Orton, from last summer. Edge got seriously hurt in that battle. Edge will be up next.

WWE Network is mo ving to Peacock, in March. Not sure if those of us with a subscription will simply flip over or if we will have to sign up and cancel out current WWE Network account. I will give you updates as I find them out.

Edge said 2020 taught him you can’t sleep on tomorrow. You have to fight for every day. Agreed. Edge looked awful rough. Edge discussed having to retire due to injury. Edge sat home for nine years and then came back. At Backlash, his career was shelved, yet again. It was torn away in the blink of an eye. He needed to fight. His mom always told Edge to just go forth and fight. Edge said he would be in the Runble. Edge wabts back the title that he never lost. Edge knew it was a far fetched dream but you have to dream. He even brought up The Brood (nice). He quoted Henry Ford about being motivated. Edge was confident that he could pull this off. Wow.

Asuka vs Alexa Bliss
Women’s Title Match

Bliss danced out to Bray Wyatt’s Funhouse theme music. Asuka seemed confused by the strange challenger. Asuka was taking this so seriously. Bliss bounced with glee as she was introduced. Asuka danced around to her own introduction.

Bliss was grinning like the cheshire cat as she circled the ring. Asuka avoided being held by Alexa. Asuka threw Bliss across the ring, several times. Asuka kicked at Bliss. Arm Bar by the champ. Bliss yelled in pain but kept smiling. Bliss worked up to her feet and kicked and punched away. Missile Dropkick by Asuka. Hip Attack missed. Asuka fell out ofthe ring. Bliss was riding a rocking horse, mid ring. Good editing trick. Break time.

Asuka kicked away at Bliss.  She missed a Missile Dropkick. Bliss with various stomps to almost winher “shiny new toy”. Corner choke by Bliss. Snap Mare into a Rear Chin Lock. Asuka tried to fight free but Alexa threw her down. 2 count. Alea cackled as she continued to grip Asuka’s neck. Thrust Kick by Asuka. Blill fellto the canvas. Bliss seemed to wipe away some blood and grinned. Asuka with a Hip Attack, in the corner. German by Asuka. Shining Wizard by Asuka for another close one.

Asuka threw Bliss intothe corner. Bliss’ music did weird stuff as Bliss converted into her old “Goddess” character. Asuka was so confused.  So were we. Drop Toe Hold sent Asuka into the corner. The lights did their Fiend thing and the creepy music rang out. She came up as the Fiendette, complete with Spider Stance.

Bliss blocked all strikes of Asuka. Asuka hit a Knee tothe face and Alexa blew it off. Asuka Lock biut Bliss refused to give up. She forced it off her and applied the Mandible Claw.

Suddenly, Randy Orton showed up and hithte RKO on Bliss! Whathte heck?

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out (I guess)
Raw Score: 90

Niecy: I’ve missed you
Mike: Get weel soon
Stacia: Hope you are doing better


–Jay, Red and Mama Dee

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