For Bobby Lashley – Who Should Be Next?

This is Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla, with an edition of Rough Cuts.  Bobby Lashlely is your new RAW Champion by defeating the Miz this past Monday night on RAW.  Now the question is, heading towards Mania who will he defend the title against?  I narrowed it down to 3 possibilities.  
First, the obvious is Drew McIntrye the former champion.  After a brutal assault after Drew retained against 5 other WWE Superstars, Bobby Lashley came out and destroyed Drew leaving him helpless and should be the set up for Mania.  However, Miz cashed in only to lose the title to Bobby the next night.  I think this is the inevitable rematch and Drew can win the title in front of a live audience.  How can Drew have anything left after the chamber, same way Daniel Bryan had nothing left and he was destroyed in a matter of seconds.  So, I would hope Drew gets his rematch in Tampa and wins it back or least build the feud further through Summer Slam – Either way, Drew should be Champion again this year. 
Brock Lesnar’s name seems to be floating around a bit.  Two former MMA fighters, champions, no true history of recent between the two, but it be an intriguing match between two mixed martial artists and wrestling combined.  Could Brock come back and win the title and disappear again for a while? it be a hard sell for the fans and I think the only match for Brock would be for him to face Roman at some point since the history is there with Heyman – 
John Cena comes to mind.  I could very well see Cena come back and face Bobby, why not ? I know John done nothing to deserve a title shot but still what if Lashley offers an open challenge and Cena comes out and face Bobby? John is not winning but maybe Cena has a swan song match left in him –  I think it be decent between the current champion and former champion and future WWE HOF.  I have no problem with.  The reason being is if Drew and Sheamus continue there feud into Mania Bobby needs an opponent and I rather see John over Brock. 
We all know now, Edge is likely to face Roman, maybe Finn as long shot.  Randy and Bray destined for a feud.  Braun likely is going to face Shane at Mania – We need the bumps and fun stuff per say.  No chance we see Goldberg again and that be hard sell too after Goldberg’s last match.  I do not think Hardy matches up well enough either against the monster.  So, it comes down currently to Drew, Brock and Cena in my eyes.  
Your thoughts? 
For this edition of Rough Cuts, this has been Sal LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla.  As always be safe and may all your matches be a main event.  
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